Monday 19 June 2017

Daddy's Day!

Dad's day arrived and after picking up Cassie from her Cubs sleepover, it was gifts and hugs for Lee.
Lee had previously said that he'd like to spend the day at Colchester Zoo for Father's Day with all of us, so courtesy of good ole Tesco and their vouchers, we all set off, stopping en route at Little Chef for an Olympic Breakfast.
Hot wasn't in it and many of the animals were not playing ball as they were sleeping or inside in the shade..

We did however get to see the sealion show before melting..

After a couple of hours I couldn't stand the moaning about the heat any more, so we all came home.

We did however then put the pool up in the garden and a very welcome cool down was had by all!
Happy Father's Day Lee x


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starfury6 said...

Had a really good day with my family!