Tuesday 3 July 2018

Little fishy..

So this year I was prepared.  I got there early to get a front row seat, I had my hat on, suntan lotion on and with me, a bottle of drink and my camera.
 Cassie rocked in her Year 4 school swim gala..

She made it through to the semi finals, but was just pipped at the post to get into the final of which her bestie Millie won.

Was an enjoyable albeit hot afternoon.


Monday 2 July 2018

A girl and her pony

So it's been a few weeks now and Cassandra is settling very well riding Prims.  They are both getting to know each other and she's very much enjoying riding her.
 Paul is her trainer on a Thursday and she rides out with Prims' owner Alison each week too.

She needs all the experience she can get - I've booked her into pony camp in August!


Sports Day

So I only have two more Sports Day to attend - not sure how I feel about that, but this year's was almost unbearable.. it was so HOT!

Anyway, I was so so proud of Cassandra this year, as usually she's at the front of the line, this year she didn't seem too bothered as she was more focused on helping her friend Grace complete the events..

Not that she didn't give it her all and it all paid off, as the Green Team won!!


Go the Rams!

On 10th June, Lee hosted his second mini tournament with 4 teams (including his own) taking part in a round robin over at Len Forge.

All the boys played well, but ours were victorious!


In search of a new pony...

So, like most things in life that go too well, Cassie's time with her lovely pony Jaffa came to an abrupt halt a month or so ago now when his owner gave him to a friend on permanent loan.  Not be be defeated, after a plea on Facebook (wonderful social media platform), Cassandra and I spent the following weekend trialing a number of different ponies in search for the right one for her to ride on a regular basis.
 She tried Arthur..
and a couple of others, before we settled on a lovely pony called Ashdene Primrose - Prims for short, based at stables over in Hockley.

She loves her!!!


End of Season Football Presentation

So each year Lee holds an end of season presentation and this year it was held at Base Jump in Rayleigh.

All the boys and their siblings got to jump around for an hour and then had pizza and juice in one of the party rooms whilst watching the annual DVD Lee creates of some of the photos that people have taken over the course of the season.

Then comes the info on each player and their stats and then a trophy.  Best bit is a pic of two of my favourite boys .


and... Pull!

Alexander has so many opportunities to take part in activities that he wouldn't normally do with 1st Rayleigh Scouts and one of those was Clay Pigeon Shooting at the beginning of June.

I was truly amazed at Alex's aim and skill as when I was watching he hit 3 out of 4 clays.  

Impressive, most impressive!


Scout Family Camp

This was the first year that we could all attend Alex's Scout group's family camp at Hargreaves, Romford. Lee and Nicholas had football, so it was Alex, Cassie and I in attendance.

Pirates was the weekend theme with the aim of the game to gain as much booty (gold coins) as possible.  I was advised in advance that the Navy Captains (the leaders) were not above a bribe or two either!
I was the the team with the Penny family and the Orrock's so at least I knew a couple of friendly faces.
 Alex was happy as Annabel was in the team!
Lianne had managed to get us all t-shirts printed with out team name of "The Black Pearl" on the front and on the back was printed our alias.. Alex was of course Davey Jones, I was Calypso and Cassie was Captain Sparkle!
 We all pitched in with breakfast and washing up

 One of the main tasks each team was given was to build a boat!!  I was really proud of ours..
Lots of activities to take part in from archery, assault course, 

and axe and tomahawk throwing
 On the Saturday we had a hog roast - was bloomin' yummy!

There were many silly games over the weekend, one of the best I actually got involved with was to get a bowl of flour from the front to the back of the line... safe to say, we didn't win that one!

 Cassie even got to ring the dinner bell.

Was a FANTASTIC family camp.  We'll be going again!


Star Wars - Into the Void

Haven't posted for a while as I post in order and I couldn't find this brilliant photo of Alexander and Lee taking part in the Star Wars Secrets of the Empire Virtual Reality event that he had for his birthday.

How much fun to run around with a blaster and a lightsabre in game?  They'll tell you - LOADS!