Friday 24 May 2013

It's an arrow thing...

As most people know, I LOVE going to the theatre - musicals, crime, plays, shows - they're all great in my book.  Sometimes, "famous people" star in them and the main reason I went to see last night's show with Mum of "High Society" at the Cliffs Pavilion was the fact that it had my one time love Michael Praed starring  in it as Dexter..

For those that have no idea of whom I'm talking about, Michael Praed played Robin of Loxley in the BBC TV series Robin of Sherwood.... and yes, after asking him last night, the hair was all his own!!
Then and now.... He was 22 when he ran around a forest fighting the Sheriff of Nottingham!!


Tuesday 21 May 2013

Tournament time..

Well the football season may be over, but now tournament time is upon us...
The Leigh Ramblers Under 7 Tigers played in the Rayleigh Boys Tournament on Sunday and tried really hard..
 Nicholas played in goal for one of the matches and did a great job just as Ben & Henry did too.
 Despite all their efforts, they lost their first game but drew their other two.
 Didn't really matter though as the boys all received trophy's and cam away happy but tired.
Our star player :)
Sharon  xx

Wednesday 15 May 2013

And God said - let there be light....

Well, after many years of ours and other people's kids climbing our tree, I'd finally had enough...
It was time for the beast to go!!!

Alex enjoyed helping out too..

John offered to help "us" chop it down and his chain saw came in very handy....

So, now you see it  - now you don't!

It just seems that our house is even bigger now and the light that is being let in to our lounge is great!

Thanks for all your help fabby in-laws!


Saturday 11 May 2013

A big 9!

Well, how did that happen?  Alex turned 9 last week and had a great day with his friends on his actual birthday, a nice birthday tea with family on Sunday and a fabby day on Sunday at Woborn Safari park.

Lee and I bought Alex an Ipod touch for his birthday, most of his friends have one and he was desperate for it  - hasn't put it down since..
Saturday morning saw us all and Alex's friends, Oliver, Calum, Nathan & Ashley going to the cinema to watch Wreck it Ralph..
followed by lunch at Pizza Hut!
The best was yet to come as Alex and his buds (and Lee, and Nicholas and Casandra) then all went go-karting over at Lakeside..

They all loved it!
 Cassie even got to kart...
As did Nicholas as he'd got his Bambino licence just after his birthday - come next year he'll be old enough to race with the others.

Back to ours for nerf gun wars and time on the WiiU to finally settling down for a sleep over whilst watching Green Lantern.

A very happy 9 year old boy :)