Tuesday 27 March 2012

Flat Stanley

This current term, Alex's year have been working on a science theme - habitats.  So, over the Easter break, he has a project to do - involving Flat Stanley and the different habitats he can find...

 We started at Wat Tyler at the weekend...

Lee will be encouraging Stanley and Alex to explore Marsh Farm at the weekend whilst I'm not here I'm sure....?!!!!


Not long now....

2 more sleeps to go...!!! 


Sunday 25 March 2012

Me and My man

I took full advantage last night of the absence of Mr Butler, to spend the evening with my other man - Mr Cullen.....

Shame that Bella girl is involved.....

Bring on November and Breaking Dawn part II!!!!!!



On Friday, Lee left early to drive up to Wales with Greg (bro-in-law) in the absence of his friend Mark to spend 4 days hiking and taking photos - each to their own...

The problem with Wales is that it's full of Welsh people and sheep - but, they do have a good landscapes to take a photo or two of apparently....!!!


Such clever little things

Last Thursday was parents evening at school and whilst the boys were worried about what their teachers were going to say about them, they needn't of been as they are both academically flying!

Alexander is top group Maths and is working almost 2 years above where he should be.  Top group English too although he does need to work on his handwriting lots!

Nicholas is again top groups maths and literacy too and is also working at least a year above where he should be.  He just needs to work on being consistent with his capital letters, full stops and finger spaces!

So very proud of my boys!!


Friday 16 March 2012

Bel Ami

I do so love Robert Pattinson, he is my Edward Cullen, so my good friend Michelle and I just HAD to go and see his new film - Bel Ami last Tuesday.

Wasn't disappointed with RPatz getting his kit off and I thoroughly enjoyed the film, although not as much as Breaking Dawn part 1 of course!!!!


Birthday girl!!!

For my birthday this year I was very lucky in that my good friend Rachel Harkes treated me to a wonderful pamper day up in Colchester!!

I was soooooooooooo looking forward to it, but as usual, nothing ever goes smoothly.... An incident on the A12 on the way there and then being a bit blonde and reading the "from the North" instructions meaning we went the wrong way and lead to us arriving a bit later than planned.. All was good though until just before we got there, the school called me to say that Nicholas had been pushed by another child and had fallen over the bench and had a big gash by his eye that may need stitches, at the least steri-stripes and could I go and collect him please?

Actually no.  Couldn't get hold of Mum, Rachel was with me, Michelle was at the gym, Charmaine was at Uni so poor Iain very kindly went and got him only to confirm that he was fine and although it was painful, a trip to A&E wasn't needed!

So we arrived and calm ensued only to be told that they were short staffed and had pushed all our appointments back a few hours.  The least they could then do was throw in a couple of complimentary robes for the inconvenience - which they did!

We spent what was left of the morning swimming (or just lazing) in the pool and sauna etc and then we both had our facials .  Lunch was included and was a very yummy affair.  

JJust time for a cuppa afterwards before our all over body massages...

After another tea break....

 we had our manicures and pedicures...

I had an awesome day with a wonderful friend and we're determined to go again!

Thank you so much Rachel - love ya!



Last week Artemis class - that would be Nicholas' had their school assembly and they followed on from the previous term's theme of pirates and Mum and I were there to support and cheer him on.

The pirate song the class sang and danced to was brill and apparently it had been a hard task for his teacher Miss Hipsey to choose which children were going to read from a book or remember their lines or even be brave enough to stand up and say what they had to say in a big loud voice...

Nicholas however did really well and had learnt his lines well and truly before the event.  You did us proud gorgeous!

The tea/coffee and biscuits afterwards were good too!!!


Friday 2 March 2012


It's not often I will spend the day shopping.  I'm not a "normal" female according to Lee as I must be the only one he knows and unfortunately is also married to, that doesn't like just wondering around the shops for hours on end.

So, when I suggested a trip to Lakeside to do the dreaded S thing, Lee was all up for it.  The catch?  A major culling of Lee's wardrobe - so we had to go to get him some new clothes.

After a couple of stops at Costa Coffee, I wanted to encourage him to get out of his comfort zone (Geek T-shirts, StarTrek T-shirts, etc etc are no longer allowed) so I had him trying on every "different" item of clothing.

Some looked good, some didn't but the credit card certainly took a bashing and now I'm looking forward to seeing my man dressed to impress this weekend :)



I'm soooooooooooooooo excited!!!

Mum and I are off in a few weeks to a weekend scrapbook retreat with Scrapagogo!!

It will be our first retreat with them and we're both really looking forward to it.

All the classes were released on Wednesday, and there I was waiting until the email came through anytime between 7-8pm to select our classes.  They even sorted them all out and listed attendees that night and both Mum and I did well, with us getting the majority of our first choices :)

Best I go sort some photos out now then...


Amanda's 1st Birthday

Last weekend saw us all in Brentwood for Stu & Xuan's baby girls' first birthday party.

Amanda turned the big 1 and had lots of people around her to help celebrate.  Not sure she fully benefited from the face painter/entertainer/ballooon modeler, but all the other kids did!!!

I personally loved the layered jellies but the boys like the little chocolate cakes best!

Hope she liked her present...


And now there are two...

The weekend before last Alexander asked if he could go and watch Nicholas play football at Leigh Ramblers on Saturday morning.

I have to admit that I was a little surprised as Alex has never shown any interest in football at all, but we all went along and low and behold, Alex took quite an interest in kicking the ball around with me whilst Lee was cheering on Nicholas.

So, after a bit, I wondered over to the coach for the Under 8's and asked if he could join in (wellie boots and all) and he was more than happy for Alex to play along with the other kids.

He came off the pitch yelling that he'd had an "awesome" time and could he come along again next week please?

So that afternoon, Lee took him over to Sports Direct to get him a pair of football boots :)  He was a happy little chappy.

So last Saturday, dressed appropriately with football boots and an Arsenal shirt of Nicholas' he went along again and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Alexander and football?  Wonders will indeed never cease, but I'm so proud of him :)



Last Thursday Mum and I went to the Palace Theatre to see Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Nile".

I love going to the theatre, (even though it's getting more and more expensive) and it's not only musicals I love, but plays and that too.

Mum is the perfect companion for these trips and we thoroughly enjoyed the show.  I was useless and didn't figure out who it was until they told us, but hey, it was a fabby night out!



I've been very lax lately in posting on my blog, however, not much has been going on really...

Although saying that................

I MADE PRESIDENT'S CLUB!!!!!!  That would be the elite of Avon to those that have no idea what I'm talking about...

So, I'm on target to hit PC again this year and to hopefully pay for the family trip to Lapland in December!!  So if you want to see a recent brochure, you know where I am!