Sunday 27 November 2011


I couldn't believe that my little boy was big enough for Beavers camp, but he was, so last weekend Nicholas went off with this big bro to Winter camp with his Beavers Scout group.

The Beavers are still to young to actually sleep in tents (good job really as it was really cold) so they stay in dorms inside - both Nicholas and Alex were there a little early, so managed to grab two of the top bunks!

 They were warned by Sue, not to fight or she'd split them up, but I think Alex was secretly pleased to be there on hand to help his little brother.

Nicholas in particular had a fabby first camp.  He stayed in the same clothes the whole weekend and probably didn't wash either, but he came home very tired, but a happy (and grubby) little man.

Roll on the next one!



After waiting a whole year, being a dedicated Twi-hard fan that I am, I was rather excited that Breaking Dawn part 1 finally came out in cinema's on 18th November 2011!!!!

I had my tickets to go and see it on opening night with my best friend Michelle and her friend Heidi and we weren't disappointed - it was brilliant!!!!!

Edward finally married Bella, got her pregnant and turned her into a Vampire.

Bring on part II - next year!!!!


Parents Evening

It was that time of the academic year again, when us parents get to go and talk about our kids and how they're doing at school and as expected, there were no surprises with either of ours.

Alexander is doing great, needs to speed up with his work and improve his handwriting (lots), but he's top group for everything so I'm happy.

Nicholas is just flying.  Again, top group everything and a very happy, active and co-operative member of the class apparently.

Happy parents :)


It's a pretty and ugly thing...

Lee and I love going to the theatre - although these days we don't get to go as often as we'd like - but when I found out SODS (Southend Operatic and Dramatic Society)  were putting on a performance of Beauty & the Beast, I just had to get tickets.

Their shows are always amazing, it's like you could almost be watching a professional show - and this year they didn't disappoint - it was brilliant.

Next year is Sound of Music - I've already got tickets!!!


Saturday 26 November 2011

Remembrance Sunday

Since Alexander has been a Beaver Scout, he has attended Church Parade on a regular basis with both Mum and I also going along to support him.  One of the most important church parade's is the Remembrance Service.

This year, Nicholas went too.  They had both made additional special scarves to wear over their group ones and Mum recently completed wonderful scrapbook layout of them..


Sunday 6 November 2011

Achievements all round...

So, not only did Alex do brilliantly this week, but Nicholas did too as he went up a reading level at school!!!

And as for Cassie, well, the dummy fairy visited last night and took all her dummies away for someone else and left her a nice little baby in a buggy as a present in return....

Tonight's bedtime was interesting!!!


Our little Beaver Scout

So proud of our little man - not only did he get Star of the Week on Friday for his fabby and brilliant homework last week, but today, he went to Chelmsford to attend the Scouting Awards ceremony where he received his Chief Scout Bronze Award.

His Beavers leader Sue Davis was there to support him..

And Alex was awarded his certificate by Jan Dear of District..

4 others from 3rd Prittlewell also received their awards...

But our boy was the best!!!

Sharon x