Sunday 30 October 2011

Gunners rule!

John (the father-in-law) recently bought Nicholas a "Junior Gunners" membership to Arsenal.  One of the perks of this gift was a tour of the Emirates Stadium, so yesterday, Lee took him up to London and they both had a fabby time.

Lee said one of his best bits was when Nicholas saw his idol's shirt hanging in the changing rooms, he just went up to it and stood there staring at it.

Nicholas, on the other hand, said the best bit was running down the team tunnel almost onto the pitch!

It's obviously a guy thing, 'cos honestly, I still don't get the whole football thing!


Spooky times

Next to Christmas, one of the best events of the year for me has to be Halloween.  I just love all the spookiness and dressing up and trick or treating etc etc.

This year, Alex was "Dr Doom" - complete with mask, and my attempt at a face full of blood.  Nicholas was a dead pirate, again, with blood running down his face!

On Wednesday of half term, Michelle Gray and I took Nathan & Darcy and Alexander & Nicholas to Partyman World of Play in Basildon's halloween party.

Michelle didn't get quite as dressed up as I did, but she made a spooky effort!

Not quite as good as it was last year (not enough sweeties being given out) but the kids all loved it!

Alex was chosen for his dancing and won a fabby set of Moonsand and a one off family pass to Partyman - which Nicholas will obviously benefit from too :)

One extra bonus was the fact that we all got to go and have a game of laser quest - in Partyman's new arena they've just had built.  Now that was fun!


I think everyone had a great time?!!!


Sunday 23 October 2011

Ladies Night

My father-in-law John is a Freemason and belong's to Quoin Stone Lodge.  Last night we were his guests at his lodge's Ladies Night, held at the Four Rivers Golf & Country Club.

After changing dresses about four times, I finally settled on this little blue number that I'd never worn and having had my hair done earlier in the day, I felt quite pleased with the results...   Lee of course looked as gorgeous as ever in his rented tux (don't even ask, he does own one) and I think we looked a yummy couple!

Lee's sister - Lisa and her hubby Greg were also in attendance..

John of course had to be different and chose to wear his white tux jacket...

And as the official photos show, everyone looked lovely.

John & Barbara's close friends Adrian and Denise were also guests on our table and I must admit, Adrian still has it in him to swing me around on the dance floor to brilliant sounds of Rock On - the 50's & 60's band that was the entertainment for the evening.

The meal was scrummy, the drinks flowed and everyone had a brilliant time.  Thank you loads John - can't wait for the next one!


Tuesday 18 October 2011

Just scrummy...

I'm not known for my culinary skills, but on Sunday I cooked off some apples from my Uncle Tony's garden, added some blackberries and made a crumble.  Lashings of Ambrosia custard just topped it off nicely.

There's not much left, so it can't of been that bad!!!


Sunday 16 October 2011

I like to ride my bicycle...

For ages I've been saying that I'd like us all to get out on our bikes, so I took the bull by the horns last week and managed to lay my hands on one of those child carrier seats that attaches to the back of an adult bike.

So today, Lee fixed the seat on and we all set out on a bike ride, helmets and all - Cassandra's of course being PINK!

Considering the distance we went - on route to the Belfairs park (the long way round of course) the boys did BRILLIANTLY, although Cassie did say that she didn't like being on Daddy's bike as it was too bumpy!

She'll have to get used to it as we're hoping to book to go to Center Parcs next year and bikes are the way forward!


Monday 3 October 2011

Proud Mummy moment...

Tonight, I was so proud of BOTH my boys.

After watching Alex go off every Monday night, Nicholas is finally old enough (almost, he should officially be 6, but Sue - his Leader accepts them into her group from 5 3/4) to join Beavers and tonight, he was invested in 3rd Prittlewell colony.

Alexander, after completing numerous other and all 6 of his challenge badges, achieved his Bronze Scout award.  He's been invited to attend an award presentation ceremony in November at Scout HQ in Chelmsford.