Saturday 29 June 2013

Scrapping Every Day Miracles - June Sketch Challenge

I'm on a roll with scrappin' at the mo (prob due to my next OU course not starting until October) and I loved the sketch for this challenge from Scrapping Everyday Miracles.   My miracles are my three children.

The scrap twist was to include a hand made flower - which is the flower in the bottom left which was made with pink ribbon and deeper pink twine with a button on top.

They are offering an AWESOME prize and the challenge can be found here:


Friday 28 June 2013

Ruby Rocket - June Sketch Challenge & PRIZE

I just LOVE Ruby Rocket and have entered their June Challenge which was to use Ruby Rock-it Bella products!

Their challenge which is offering an amazing prize can be found here:



Wednesday 26 June 2013

S.W.A.T - Drill 10 challenge

I've just found a new blog and have entered one of their challenges - a layout based on summertime!  Love this pic of Alex down at Shoebury East Beach a couple of years ago...  Same cheeky smile!


Sunday 23 June 2013

Tournament time...

Tournament time again!

Saturday saw the boys over at Hawkwell and today they had a Mini U7 Ramblers tournament..

Despite trying hard, they just couldn't bring it home and left the tournament each with a medal but disappointed..

Thank you for the match though : Lions, Tigers, Leopards and Pumas


Bob the Builder....

Alexander has always loved building things, taking things apart, seeing how they work etc.

So, when I found out about the B&Q kids DIY club, I was right there with him last weekend when he got the chance to attend the "Daddy & Me tool box" building session...

Alex was in his element!
He was just sooooooooooo proud of his efforts and so was I!!!  And to top it all off, it can even count towards his DIY badge for Cubs!


Daddy's Day - 2013

After lots of gifts from each of the kids, for Father's day this year, I'd got tickets to "Big Boys Toys" in Chelmsford for us all.

It was advertised as lots of boys toys - robots, fast cars, monster trucks etc, however we were bitterly disappointed at what was on offer, as not only had I paid rather a lot to get in, I then had to pay for EVERYTHING else inside the event too :(

Still, we made the most of it (mental note not to ever go again) and the main thing was that we all got to spend the day together :)


Tuesday 18 June 2013

Viva la Espana

It's been a while, I admit it, but with life in general, holidays, study and exams, it's all got a bit much..

However, we've been and come back from the good ole Costa de Sol all still alive and in one piece.  We survived people poo'ing in the pool and them being freezing (the pools - not the poo's), kids clubs, reps, food, other guests and even each other! And we had a very enjoyable time!

Now, where's the 2014 brochure.......!?!!!