Sunday 27 September 2015

One photo, 20 words...

Introducing Spike, the leaf hedgehog Cassandra and I made yesterday...

Sunday 20 September 2015

Mud, mud, glorious mud....

Welcome to Slippry!
I was just sooooooooooooooooo proud of all 3 beasties this weekend as I'd signed them all up to take part in Nuclear Rookies!!

So there I was with Mum in tow Saturday afternoon running with Cassandra as she did the 1.5km route...

Then it was the time for the boys to run.. but they had to do a 3km race, twice round!

Nicholas was super fast, finishing 93rd out of 550 kids!!!


Considering Alex doesn't really like getting dirty, he did brilliantly with a smile whilst doing every obstacle and as he said to me whilst going round "no mud, no glory"!!

I personally think I should of got a medal too, as I did the course (albeit I didn't actually go IN the mud) at least 3 times!!!

Space, the Final Frontier...

Having the Assistant District Commissioner for Beaver Scouts as your group leader normally involves things expanding. This was exactly what happened when I mentioned to my Beaver Scouts Leader and good friend Sue Davis, that I was keen to organise  a group sleep over based on the criteria for the new Space badge.  So what started off as a few of 3rd Prittlewell’s Beavers, escalated to become a full on Southend West District event.

As a result of this, various Leaders, Young Leaders and supporting Scouts, together with some 50 young Beavers from 3rd Prittlewell, 1st Haycroft, 8th Leigh, 6th Westcliff, 55th Leigh and 4/6th Leigh colonies attended Belchamps in Hawkwell over 11th & 12th September 2015.

Starting off with some alien hunting on site and ending up with watching the film Home (complete with obligatory hot chocolate and cookies), all lights were amazingly out and the Beavers asleep by 11pm.
When everyone was space suited up, a full day of activities was planned for the Saturday including fire lighting, driving moon buggies (pedal karts), attempting to avoid a huge meteor (demolition derby) and climbing into space to learn about the planets, over the assault course. 

 I even managed to have a go...
Craft activities included creating rock buddies, sewing space ships, constructing a solar system mobile, making jet packs and the favourite activity of most – slimy alien snot!

Complete with breakfast, lunch, dinner and way too much cake, all Beavers were awarded their Space activity badge and another Nights Away badge Saturday evening.
A HUGE thank you has to go to my fellow leaders - Russel, Carol, Sarah, Andrew, Kerry, Debbie, Andrew, Mig, Tracey and Deena and to the wonderful Young leaders & Scouts - Owain, Beckie, Rhona, Katie, Ella, George, Finley & Abigail who tiredly did whatever was asked of them.  Also to the MARVELLOUS Nicky for her fabby cooking and to my good friend and mentor Sue Davis as although I may have planned and organised it all, I couldn't have done it without you all. 

Who's organising the event next year then!??!!?


Thursday 3 September 2015

Tough day..

A day that I knew would come along, but I still wasn't quite ready for it...
 Back to school today....

However, Alexander started at Eastwood Academy today... He's been so nervous and worried. Excited too, but more stressed than anything..

I held it together (mostly - bar when he put his blazer on) and then as he walked off towards school - for his first day of a new chapter in his life I balled...

I love them all so much, just hope that Secondary school and Eastwood turns out to be everything that Alexander hopes it will be.

Looking forward to this afternoon when they all get back.. the house is a little quite..

6 weeks hols...

Well, they all survived again, although to be honest, this year's 6 weeks summer hols hasn't dragged, but actually gone fairly quickly...
 Pool time with cousins
 Days out with friends
 Biscuit making
 Cake creating

And then a great week at Cherry Tree Caravan park up at Gt Yarmouth with Mum..

All in all, great summer hols!