Sunday 13 August 2017

Alive and Kicking after week 3...

So this week we weren't supposed to be around, having planned to be camping at Belchamps.  But plans changed and we went with it.
Monday was a bit of a lazy day.  I took Nicholas and Cassandra to the library so that Cassie could discuss her two books she's been reading for the Summer Reading Challenge and then we dropped Alexander off at his scout bud Alex's house as they were planning an afternoon/evening of Warhammer..
 Cassie and I then did some baking - her brownies went down well!
Tuesday was literally a total veg out day, Millie came round for a sleepover and in the evening Lee and Nicholas joined James and Ben and Matt & Samuel at a local footie match.
 On Wednesday, the girls prepared a tombola that the boys and I had to pay to join in!
That afternoon Cassandra went to Henry's football party in the rain at - she had great fun and even scored a goal!
Wednesday night I took Mum and Alex to the cinema to see Dunkirk.  Very moving..
 Thursday I swapped kids with Angela and the girls decided to do some shrinkies..
Friday saw Lee and Alex heading off up to Nottingham to Warhammer World.  They had dinner reservations at a restaurant called Hooters.  Alex loved it there!  I took the other two swimming!

They stayed overnight and spent the day gaming and being Geeks!
Saturday I took Nicholas and Cassie and Millie too to Kids Kingdom for a few hours and then we went down to the beach to collect some rocks to go home and paint to then go and hide them somewhere.  Kept the kids (and me) amused for hours!  We're getting on board with the Facebook group "Love Rocks UK".  If you get a chance, look it up, loads of people are getting on the bandwagon.
Sunday saw us at Sadlers Farm bootsale, do love a good bargain!  A trip to Go Outdoors to get a few last minute bits of clothing and then Lee, Nicholas and I all hit the steps at Leigh in an attempt to get fit.  Or in Nicholas' case, fitter!

Made it through the first 3 weeks of the hols!


Friday 11 August 2017

Still here in week 2

So week two of the summer hols continued with Alex being invited round to his bud Rhys' house for a few days as it was his birthday.  He really enjoyed himself and I don't really think he wanted to come home!

It was indeed a tad quieter with just Nicholas and Cassandra, but Kaylah came over on the Tuesday to play in the pool with Cassie.

 That evening, Cassandra went to Kids Kingdom to Emily's birthday party. Whilst there I took the opportunity to fill in birthdays and what's already planned for next year!
On Wednesday I met up with my friend Angela who was looking after Samuel and Lily aswell as her two, so we popped into the Victoria Plaza to meet Aerial!
On Thursday, it was nice to welcome Alex home as were getting together with Jo and her brood and spent most of the afternoon at Rayleigh Mega playing laser!

Friday was last prep time as the kids keep growing so needed new hiking boots and trainers so a trip to Sports Direct and  Go Outdoors was on the cards as I also needed to get our camping gas bottle refilled as we were off to CAB on the Saturday...
CAB (Camp at Belchamps) had been booked for months, it's a week of activities that only scouts can attend. However, I wasn't taking my Beavers, but just my kids!  Camp fire the first night was great!
 After a terrible night of squealing girls in the tent next to us until gone 11pm and then again at 4.50am!!!, we had our first day of activities.  Shelter building was first on our agenda..
 Then the ladder challenge
Team building games and go karts!

However, before we could go on to our last activity of the day, I was approached by the manager and basically asked to leave the site due to fact that 3 weeks prior, I had handed my resignation into 3rd Prittlewell as their Assistant Beaver Scout Leader, and I was no longer showing as a registered leader on Compass (the scouting database).  Non scouts are not allowed at CAB.

I'm sure that anyone that knows me can imagine my reaction....

So I packed everything up, called Lee and he came over and put the tent down and we all went home to bacon and sausage sandwiches!

I got a full refund, but thanks to whoever brought it to the attention of my ex DC that my family and I were there... Ruined holiday plans and upset kids...


Saturday 5 August 2017

I survived Week 1

Most people that know me know that I really don't look forward to the 6 weeks summer hols. Spending quality time with my 3 beasties is more like playing referee in a boxing match.

However, this year, the first week was spent with Mum and the 3 beasties in a caravan on the Isle of Wight.

It rained.  Alot.

We still managed to get out and about though.  On route to the Amazon Zoo, we stopped off at a local Boot Sale and Cassandra was overjoyed with her 8 new kittens!
The Amazon Zoo was fabby - Mum managed to bag herself a scooter to ride around on! 
After the Zoo we stopped off at Arrenton Craft Village and the beasties got to decorate their own mugs..

 And watch someone blowing glass
 And play on the 1p slot machines!
 On Tuesday, we had a ride on the Island's Steam Train

 And visited Haven Falconry
 Cassie decided that she'd rather walk a ferret than hold a bird!

 The Needles was next on our list
Along with a chair lift ride - more enjoyable for some than others!
 Mum LOVED the carousel, Nicholas, not so much!

 All 3 beasties created a sand momento
And had fun playing crazy golf, although I did say I would never play this game with Nicholas again- way to competitive and such a sore looser!
The on site pool wasn't that big, but big enough to muck around in..
 We also ventured to Monkey Haven - I'm thinking the two new additions look good?!
Fossil Hunting at Yaverland was not a success as the wind and rain really did put a damper on things..

 Although the treats at Daisy's Bakery and Tea Rooms put a smile back on everyone's face.
We attempted crabbing the following day at St Helen's with mild success thanks to a family who donated some of their bacon to us.

Mum's favourite part of the morning was the scone with cream and jam!
Our final afternoon was spent in Newport where Alex was in heaven when he found a Warhammer shop and the beasties sourced all their stationery in readiness for school in September!

Despite getting to the port early, we couldn't get an earlier ferry, so tea and toast it was.  After what seemed liked forever to get home, we made it
The joys of being away for a week!

Thanks Mum for taking us away :)