Wednesday 22 July 2015

End of an era...

Time goes by so quickly.... 

Today, after 8 years of being there, Alexander spent his last day at Blenheim Primary school.
First day
Last day

There were tears galore from everyone - children, parents and the teachers.. 
Alexander and his teacher Mr Shaw
Yr 6 teacher Mrs Wiley
Yr 6 teacher Mrs Bulpitt
  Yr 6 teacher Mr Taylor
Headteacher Mr Woollard
Alexander and his girlfriend of many years - Rebecca George.  He's really going to miss her the most.

And to think, I've got to go through this two more times!!!


Sunday 19 July 2015

One photo, 20 words

Growing up way too fast for my liking, Alexander now has a mobile phone!

Circus time!

Mum has wanted to take the kids to the circus for ages, so when my good friend Martyna offered me the discounted tickets she had for displaying a poster in her business window, I jumped at the chance!
So last Thursday saw Mum and I, the 3 beasties, Martyna and her little girl Millie all over at Garons to enjoy the thrills of Billi's circus!

 There were no animals I was disappointed to note, but everyone had a good laugh
 Including when I went up to take part!
Now Mum and I just need to find the circus papers to scrap the layout!

Thursday 16 July 2015

Wind in the Willows

I can't belive that in just 5 school days Alexander will no longer be at Primary school...

As with all Year 6 pupils, they put on a Leavers Production which Lee and I went to last night.. This year was Wind in the Willows and Alexander played the part of Sargent Stoat..
 This he did brilliantly, very Sargent like and authoriative!
 He really enjoyed himself and it was a pleasure to watch the show, all the kids had worked so hard!
I really hope that when he gets to Eastwood Academy in September he embraces their fabby Drama facilities and I'll be able to attend many more productions that my young man will star in.

One photo, 20 words

Love this man - loads!

Ramblers End of Season "do"

Finally(!) The football season is over!!!!

This year Leigh Ramblers Under 9 Tigers had their presentation as Acres Way Kennels, the home of Freddie.  Sarah & Richard were wonderful hosts and the BBQ, acres of land, full sized football goals and a hot tub made for a fabby day!
 We arrived early so Lee could set up

And once the presentations were all done, it was time to chill or in some cases play!

Bob - Robert's Dad had brought along a load of new water guns that went down very well with the kids!

The Dad's of course couldn't help but get invovled and a rather competitive game of Dad's vs. kids ensued....
Jack, Nicholas and Freddie have been good friends for years now, I hope they stay that way too.


Swim Galas

The summer term is full of extra events and last week I found myself up at the school an extra 3 times to watch the spogs in their year swim galas...

First up was Alex in year 6... He's a good swimmer, but was pipped at the post into 4th place in his boys race..

Cassandra's Year 1 gala was more for fun as I'm still amazed at how many kids still can't swim at the age of 6!

Nicholas in Year 4 smashed it for the 3rd year running winning Best Boy and also just beating Niamh Harkes (best Girl) to win over all Champion of Champion again.

So proud of all 3 of them x