Sunday 28 April 2013


I don't think I could of had a prouder "Mummy moment" today....
Not only did Leigh Rambler's U7 tigers win their match 10-1, Nicholas helping them achieve that by getting his first hat trick during today's game, but he was also awarded Man of the Match too!!

Today's line up saw goals from almost everyone in the team, due to Lee's brilliant rotation skills and as it was the last game of the season, Lee could confirm that Nicholas was also the team's TOP goal scorer!!!
It was a great match for the boys, albeit a tad cold for those of us watching, although Darren did his best to keep Cassandra amused and warm!

So very very proud of my family :)

And the celebrations carry on!

Cassandra's birthday celebrations carried on at the weekend with 12 of her friends coming round to our house for a Princess and Knights party!
The weather kept dry for most of the afternoon which allowed everyone to hunt the dragon eggs out in the garden, but it was just rather cold, that I arranged all the other games inside.. 
 Making crowns, Snow White's poison apple, Cinderella's lost glass slipper, Kissing the frog etc etc all lead to everyone graduating from Princess / Knight school!  

I actually ran out of time for all the games I'd prepared and the princess parcel is still sitting on the side as I forgot to do that game too!
Cassandra loved her princess cake and is very happy that she's now a big girl - at 4!

Many, many thanks to Mum for all her help as usual and also to Martyna who got stuck in too.  I'll return the favour in July!


Friday 26 April 2013

4? How did that happen?!?!?!!?

Well, last Tuesday saw our darling girl turn a big 4.  I was always told that when you have kids time flys by, but I'm only starting to believe it..

 Cassandra is very much into her princesses this year, so lots of princes themed goodies..

 Her one gift wish was for the Barbie colour changing mermaid and I have to admit, she's pretty good!
 Lee and I also got her a bundle of My Little Ponys of which the boys happily joined in playing with!
 Cassie was pleased to be able to give our her sweets to her classmates at school too..
 and then my big girl and I went for birthday lunch in leigh :)
 Nannie came over late afternoon and Cassie was thrilled with her princess castle play tent!

 and then Nanna came over too and Cassie was thrilled again with her Vet's trolley!
After blowing our her candles, a cup of tea and a slice of princess birthday cake finished off her day.

That is until Saturday when there'll be 14 little people at her Princess and Knights party!


Tuesday 23 April 2013

It's a football thing!!

As anyone knows, Nicholas' love of football has seen Lee get on the bandwagon and become a youth football coach.  He's been the coach and Manager of the Leigh Rambler's Under 7 Tigers Team (the team that Nicholas plays for) for just under a year now and he's really come into his own.

He's a dam good coach and manager too, very fair and very patient!

So you can imagine his surprise when he received this letter today...

Winner of the "Coach of the Year" award

Can't say "a proud mummy moment" - but I can say that I'm a very proud wife!


What an Honour...

The Sunday Lee and I were up in London on our anniversary weekend, the boys had Scouting renewal of promise.  my friend Deena had very kindly offered to take both the boys with her (trying to make it easier on Mum) but the call from Nicholas Beavers Leader to say that she'd heard that Alex was going to have the honour of carrying the flag, saw Lee and making a very hasty trip home..

I was so so pleased when we made it, JUST time time to see the boys marching towards the church, 3rd Prittlewell flags raised high, representing their respective colonies

Just SOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of both of them!


10 years...

Well, we made it... 11 years together, 10 years married so this weekend thanks to my Mum having the three sprogs for the weekend, Lee and I ventured up to London for the weekend.  On our own.  Just the two of us.  No kids in tow...

 It was really strange....
We first went to see the mat. performance of "The Bodyguard" - awesome show!
 then on to check into The Cumberland hotel at Marble Arch

and then on to dinner at the Marriot Hotel, Park Lane.

We were looking forward to spending the rest of the eve at Ronnie Scott's Jazz bar in Soho, but I was just too tired, so we just went back to our lovely room, to be greeted by a lovely complimentary bottle of red wine!

A lovely walk down Regent Street, around Piccadilly and then back along Hyde park saw us running a little late for our cream tea lunch, but a cab ride sorted that issue out.

We had a lovely weekend, very strange to be just the two of us and we actually had to talk to each other, but it was quite relaxing.

Was good to come home to the kids though :)


Friday 19 April 2013

It's official...

Well, with some spare time on my hands (?!?!?!?!) now I am no longer involved with the school PTA, Sue Davies has finally got me into uniform.

I was officially invested into 3rd Prittlewell Beaver Scouts as an Assistant Beavers Leader on Monday.


 The boys are quite proud :)


Tuesday 16 April 2013

Back to my youth...

It's one of my best friend's birthdays soon and she's going to be 30 - we were talking "bucket lists" a while back and when she mentioned that seeing Meatloaf in concert was on it and when he was scheduled to perform at the 02, I just couldn't not go!

 Karen, as you can imagine was just soooooooooo excited (I was too, but I've seen him before)!!
 A bit of a situ with the queue of the ladies, saw us borrowing the men's before going into find our brilliant seats..
 And a quick change and we were both in character!
 Despite being 65, the man himself was just AWESOME!!
He sang all his classic hits - Paradise by the Dashboard light being amazing..
 I'd do anything for love was his amazing encore and the entire event was just so well worth the money!!!