Wednesday 28 December 2011

Present's galore!

Christmas Day this year was going to be good as Cassandra was old enough to actually get involved and be excited and it was great :)

In our house, Santa always leaves each of the kids a present in the dining room and this year was no exception..

Alex asked for and got his Military Island...

Nicholas asked for and got his remote control buggy...

And Cassandra asked for a teddy bear which she got along with a kitchen!

A quick "Mummy and kids" photo shoot then allowed for the kids to each open their sack of pressies from Lee and I...

All were more than happy with  what they received.

Then Mum arrived armed with another sack each!!

According to the boys, the best thing being their baby light sabres!

At one stage we even lost the 3 of them in all the paper!!

Nicholas was desperate to try out his car, so Lee took him and Alex over the road to the garages to play :)

A full on dinner followed sometime in the afternoon and the afternoon was spent eating goodies, chocolates and playing with what everyone had received.

A great day :)  We'll do it all again tomorrow!!


Saturday 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve...

'Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in the hope that St Nicholas soon would be there..


Father Christmas, Father Christmas....

I was a little late this year in taking the kids to visit the big man himself, but nevertheless, today - Christmas Eve, Lee and I took the 3 sproglets to Alton Garden centre where I'd heard that he may be in residence for the day...

Cassandra did brilliantly - she even sat on his lap without a fuss and despite not looking too happy, enjoyed the visit - as did the boys who told him EXACTLY what they wanted him to bring them as a present later!


Tuesday 20 December 2011

All I want for Christmas...

Today I was so, so proud of my eldest little man.

After a busy day which included Christmas tree making at our local library and face painting, I had to take Alexander to the dentist as he had to have his two front bottom teeth removed.

At 7 1/2 he still hasn't lost any of his baby milk teeth, however his two big adult teeth had grown behind his baby ones, so out the baby ones had to come..

He was just so brave, after a spray numbing gel and an injection, the two offending teeth were removed to leave a very upset, but toothless little man.  

Rest assured though, the tooth fairy will be on duty and visiting him tonight.  Not only double whammy, but I've heard that she pays more per tooth too if you've had to have them removed, than if they just fall out...


Sunday 18 December 2011

Wherever You Are...

I've just sat and listened and watched the Military Wives Christmas song "Wherever You Are" and I'm now balling my eyes out...

PLEASE buy this song and make it No.1 this year.  All proceeds go to The Soldiers, Sailors, Airman Families Association and The Royal British Legion.

Wherever You Are - Military Wives Choir - click here!


Sunday 11 December 2011

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

A few of my friends had, over the last few years told me about the wonderful Winter Wonderland that is created up in Hyde Park, London every Christmas.  So this year, I booked us all tickets to go - Mum too :)

Her and Alex misbehaved before we'd even got on the train, but I told Mum that she'd be on the naughty step if she wasn't good, so she left the kids alone!  LOL!

The first ride everyone wanted to go on was the carousel - which was great (apart from Nicholas climbed on the only bloomin' horse that didn't go up and down, so he then had the hump)...

 And Cassie is in that "I'm not going to smile for any photo at all" phase.

I then took Alex and Cassandra on Santa train for a ride around...

Whilst Lee took Nicholas on the rollercoaster!

The boys thought that Christmas had come early when they saw the House of Sweets stall..

Although at one time, our little elves weren't so merry!

I'd booked for us all to go ice skating and even Cassie gave it a go.  Granted, it wasn't too much of a success, but we all tried it (bar Mum, who was happy to play photographer has no balance at all)!!

A few more rides later including the reindeer one..

And the swings...

We went to Zippo's Circus which EVERYONE loved.

Whilst it was a great day out, it was also a very expensive day out.  So not sure we'd do it again... maybe something different for next year :)


St Cedd's Christmas party

Well, the rounds of Chrimbo parties has began and all the kids attended the Mendip Community Assoc. annual kids part at our local church on Saturday afternoon.

 Most of the local kids were there (bar some who's Mum's couldn't be bothered to get dressed - you know who you are - LOL!!!!!) and we walked up the road with Tina, Tom and James and Sam, Scott and Lexi.

All kids had their friends there and after much fun, lots of games and far too many e-numbers a quick visit to Father Christmas rounded off the afternoon nicely.

Nicholas was a very good big brother and looked after his sister wonderfully!

Whilst us Mum's and Dad, sat, chatted and drank tea!


Grandpa's Birthday

I only had one little man in the school Christmas production titled "Grandpa's Birthday" this year, as upper school tend to do a show at Easter, (although this year they're not) but I managed to secure an extra ticket so Nicholas had a supporter at each production.

It was good to see the real story of Christmas done with a different slant - what with it being Grandpa's birthday too :)

Nicholas' class were travelers (don't ask) but did their dance on stage wonderfully!

Despite Mum, Lee and I all attending we didn't get that many good photos as there was just too many kids in the production this year, but Nicholas enjoyed himself, we were very proud of him and that's all that matters!