Saturday 14 July 2012

Year 1 swimming gala

Nicholas' swim gala for Year 1, is not quite so competitive as Upper school in that apparently according to the swimming teacher, 80% of them can't actually swim or are confident in the water :(

They still have their house teams and take part in the group races, and again, those that are good at swimming tend to get frustrated with those that can't...

Nicholas' team did quite well, and although there was no individual races after the gala, it was good to go and support them in their endeavours.

Well done!!!


Yr 3 Swim Gala

As much as Alexander loves swimming, he's never REALLY enjoyed his swim gala mainly due to the fact that he's a very good swimmer and tends to be put into a team with other children that can't swim as well as he can. 

Consequently his team tends to loose most races, and that frustrates him.  So not a team player my eldest!

However, this year he was with a couple of other children that could swim and although he didn't win overall, they did very well.

 What was even better was that in the individual boys race, Alexander came 3rd!

And this year they all got medals too, so Callum Harkes won, Nathan Gray came 2nd and Alex 3rd.

Well done boys!!!


Giant Walking Bus

As the Walking bus co-ordinator for the kids school I was keen to take part in the world record attempt of the most kids walking at any one time being run in conjunction with the road safety organisation BRAKE.

After getting permission from Marianne Turner the headteacher of the school, and permission from the parents of each of the kids on the two walking bus routes that are run through the school - I was thrilled that  nearly all of the kids who walk on the bus took part, along with a number of the parent volunteer's.

We walked around the entire outside of the school and back again and I was then thrilled when both the Evening Echo and the Leigh Times photographer's turned up and a week later we made it into the papers!

I'm standing behind Mrs Turner, Alex is next to her and Nicholas is front row next to Ellis in the buggy!


Olympic Torch

Blenheim Primary school allowed parents to take their kids out of school last week to go and see the Olympic Torch being carried through the borough.

We got a good spot down Victoria Ave and I bought the boys a flag each to wave too..

 There was many police motorcycles around and one stopped right by us - a perfect opportunity for a photo!

I'll be honest and say that the boys were a little disappointed by the actual torch bearer we saw, as whilst as adults we understand about those that are not as fortunate as ourselves, they were expecting a person to be running down the road carrying a burning torch.

There were there however and saw a piece of UK history..


Mini Sports Day

Although Cassandra is only in the Children's Centre nursery, they had their own mini sports day which all the kids got to take part in.

Not quite the competitive event of the older ones, but they had fun all the same :)


Thursday 12 July 2012


Well, we bought the tent and we can now honestly say we've been camping as a WHOLE family (Lee too)!
I was all for just putting the tent up in the garden to start with, but no, we were on a mission, so after a few calls, we were booked into Waldgraves at West Mersea for a night :)

Despite all the pre-planning, all the stuff still wouldn't fit in the car (we were only going for one night)!!! so the  car "pod" had to go on the roof and we finally got away about 1pm...

We made good time and the boys helped put up the "beastie and surprisingly quick too to be honest and then we all went for an explore around the campsite.

 We had dinner on site in their restaurant Saturday night which was rather scrummy and good value.

We then ventured over to the clubhouse were there was a kids disco starting nice and early at 7pm..

Nicholas and Cassandra loved it, but Alexander was a little bored by it, so he went off outside to play and made a new "friend" - his name of course he didn't know!

A good night's sleep was had by all (bar me) and it was bright and early (way to dam early) that saw Cassandra and I cooking bacon, sausages and toast on our new grill  for breakfast...

 It went down rather well...

We'd promised the kids that they could go in the pool and despite it being heated, was bloomin' freezing!  Cassandra lasted 5 minutes and Nicholas 15 minutes, but Alex did surprisingly well and stayed in for at least half an hour!!
 Despite telling everyone to go back to sleep this morning, Nicholas just couldn't handle a late night and waking up at 4.45am!!!!!!!!!! and crashed out at lunch time in the restaurant!

We all had a brilliant time (bar the actual sleeping in a tent part) and we're going to do it again!!


Sports Day

I was thrilled when the sun was shinning in the morning the other week as this time last year the boys school sports day was rained off.  However, it couldn't have been more different this year as despite applying LOADS of sun cream some of us got a little burnt...

The morning saw Cassie and I and Mum too sitting in the sun watching Key Stage 1's sports day - that would be Nicholas...
 From hurdles...

To showing off his skills with a ball...

From "jolly hockey sticks"...

To Javlin - Nicholas had a great day.

After a picnic lunch on the field, it was Key Stage 2's turn and Alex rose to the challenge nicely and was great at jumping over the hurdles...

Ball control (learnt from his baby bro no doubt)

And he did his team proud when it was his turn to run in the relay race.

 Hockey sticks ..
And shot put finished off the day nicely.

Well done boys - very proud of you :)



A couple of weeks ago now (am just not getting the time to blog as often as I would like) I went to celebrate an "old" friend of mine's birthday - reliving my youth at Rollercity!!

I remember the place well as I had my very first date at Rollercity with a guy called Steven - not quite as it was, but the music was good and it sure worked the ole thighs.  I had a very enjoyable time skating around, taking part in some silly games (although i did draw the line at limbo) and the goodie bag I received from the birthday girl was great.  Hope you had a good birthday Debbie!