Monday 13 September 2010

Time to Learn...!?!

This year is just flying by and before I knew it, it was time to iron all the dam labels in the kids uniforms and send them off to school again.

Alex was going up into Year 2 - Mrs Whiley being his new teacher and after a few moments of apprehension, he was pleased to be back with his friends...

Nicholas is now my big boy and is now full time in Reception with Alex's old teacher Miss Stephens. He's already making new friends and is loving school.

That just leaves the days for my baby girl and I to go to swim school, Jo Jingles, see friends, and I also really need to find a play group to attend....

Summer Holidays 2010

The summer hols are over and done with and this year they seemed to go fast. Maybe it's cos we had a week away as a family to Butlins down in Bognor and then Mum and I took the kids for a week to Pontins at Gt Yarmouth.

As usual, I filled our weeks with activities from kite flying, trips to parks, out with friends and family, playdates out and playdates at home, days out for picnics, to the beach, to Promanade Park and to various play areas. Nicholas learnt how to ride his bike without stablisers and Alex got to go to yet another Fire Station open day!

And then, it was back to school...