Monday 21 February 2011

It's magic!!

Alex is still talking about becoming a Wizard so last weekend I thought a bit of me and eldest son time was in order and I took him to the Palace Theatre to see the family magic show put on by the Southend Sorcerer's Society.

It was really good (some magician's were better than others) but Alex was so excited when he was chosen to be an assistant...

A wave of a wand and a few magic words later, a a goldfish appeared in the glass!!

So, magic is the order of the day now.... I'm thinking a Harry Potter party for his birthday....


Friday 11 February 2011

I'm on a roll!

I actually managed to finish last night's Total Papercraft's masterclass kit at class - mainly thanks to Karen being a diamond (in joke) and doing all the fiddly cutting. There was just NO WAY I would of sat and cut out that branch and leaves, but I does look rather good I must say...

I'm very pleased with the overall result...


Wednesday 9 February 2011

So cute!

I've been determined to finish this Total Papercrafts layout since last week, but what with the club's circle journal having started and having my Mum's journal first (making sure that my pages had to have that "wow" factor" so not to let the side down) I've only just had a chance to complete it.

I must admit, I'm quite happy with the result - although Cassandra does make for a good layout!!


Sunday 6 February 2011

Star striker in the making?!!

  • One freezing and very windy day in February 2011
  • One very excited 5 year old
  • A muddy field
Nicholas was thrilled on Saturday morning when he finally started "training" with Leigh Rockets football team.

In a pair of football boots borrowed from Calum Harkes, Nicholas (despite the FREEZING cold weather) got well into running around after the ball...

The coach is trying to start up a new Under 6 team, but for now, Nicholas trained with the Under 7's..

He even got an opportunity to be goalie for part of the end of training match!

I was more happy with the tea tent a couple of the Mum's ran!!

So, I'm officially a "Soccer Mom" now!!


Friday 4 February 2011


It's just not happening.

Our little lady is not quite there, so I've decided to put away the potty and try again at Easter - when it's also warmer (hopefully)!

A very good try by Cassandra, and we'll build on that in a few months time.