Tuesday 29 January 2019

It's a riding thing...

Cassie has been riding her loan pony Eddie since October last year and is struggling a bit to get him to do anything for her.  Her riding coach Vicky has said that she's come on loads on him, but he's quite bolshy and if he doesn't want to do anything he wont (just like a kid really)!

Anyway, she wanted Cassie to ride one of her horses (not a pony) to confirm that it wasn't something that Cassie was doing, but the horse, so last week we went over to her stables and Cassie rode this lovely beast - Bex.  He was a tad (understatement) bigger than what she was used to, but she still got on and rode her well.
 Was so proud of her, her riding is really coming along!

I'm all qualified

Both Alexander and I have been working for Kidz Camp since last year.
All staff have be first aid qualified and whilst I would know what to do in a situation having been on various courses previously, I am now a qualified Paediatric First aider and feel much more confident in dealing with someone if an emergency arose.

Get me!


Two teenagers in the house!!!

A few weeks ago our house became one that had TWO teenagers living in it as Nicholas turned 13!!!
Have no idea how this young man is 13, but he is.  Still into football as much as ever and very pleased with his birthday gift of new boots!
 After training in the morning, Lee took Nicholas and his bud Jack to see Southend United play.  The game was awful and they left just before the end.  Only to find out after that Southend scored two goals in that time!
At age 13 is the last year the kids have a "big birthday do" and this year Nicholas had said that he wanted to go back to Elite Gamerz in Westcliff with some buds and to just "game"
So that's what he did. 

After pizza and the traditional singing of happy birthday, it was game over.


Tuesday 1 January 2019

Hello 2019!

New Year's Day sees the Butler family having brunch at one of the restaurants under the arches along Southend seafront.  

This year, Cassandra and Lee, who went to book the table, choose The Jolly Roger.  We've been there before and always have lovely food and a laugh with the waitresses - especially when Alex knocks his entire glass of milk over!

 The obligatory photos are then taken and after we decide it's too cold, we all go home.
This year, however, instead of joining us in the car, Lee and Nicholas, being the nutters that they are, decided to cycle there and back.
Maybe I'll join in next year..... not!


Christmas all in

Christmas this year was a bit strange... We kind of had lots of "Christmas celebrations" with various people at different times due to other commitments.

We met up with friends all through December and exchanged gifts and cards, so I was quite impressed I was so on the ball this year with wrapping (many thanks to my bestie buds Dawn and Tara for all their wrapping help - same again next year)?  that I could be organised and swap gifts when needed.

Lee's parents were going to be away over Christmas so our day was the week or so before, and I cooked turkey with all the trimmings at our house.

We ventured down to Kent to see Lisa, Greg and the twins the Saturday before Christmas and had a yummy dinner and gifts there too.  (I could definitely get used to this)!

As a yearly tradition since we lost my darling Dad, Mum has always hosted a pre-Christmas get together at her house.  What started as Christams dinner, went to buffet tea and now Mum very kindly treats us to dinner out.  This year we went down her favourite pub - The Walnut Tree and Tony and Christine came too.  We had quite a laugh it has to be said.
And then it was back to Mum's for a bag of Christmas goodies each.  Mum always appreciates her annual gift of a Christams loo roll!!!
And Lee can show off his balancing ears!

Christmas eve saw Alexander reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to us all, a tradition which has progressed from me solely reading it to him and then the other two too, to Alex now reading it to all of us.

After opening their stockings, all 3 beasties were happy and grateful for their gift from Santa..
Gifts from Lee and I were give and received very well...
and then we did it all again after I went and picked Mum up.
Tony and Christine came over after dinner and board games, cards and bingo ensued.

Hope everyone had a great Chrimbo!