Wednesday 30 April 2014

Archi Scraps April Challenge

I'm a bit behind with my scrappin' but over at Archi Scraps their April challenge was to take inspiration from the photo below with an added criteria of triangles...


I just LOVE this layout of Cassandra jumping in the puddles!

I just got in just in time for this challenge, I REALLY need to be scrappin' more...
archiscraps april-challenge


Sunday 27 April 2014

Just pootling around....

Just recently I've been wanting to try more "stuff" - new experiences - not quite jumping out of a plane or anything stupid, but different not the same ole run of the mill things... So my delight in receiving the gift of a "Segway experience" for my birthday from the hubby was very evident.
Lee and I drove up to Theobalds Park in Herts (home of Scrap-a-GoGo) for some fun in their grounds last Friday and boy was it fun!
Half the battle is getting on the segway and getting the balance right as it's all controlled by your feet and balance...
Lee picked it up quicker than I did, but it honestly didn't take long before we were both whizzing around and off into the woods for a few laps around the trees!
 These things can really go (although max 12 mph) and they are really nippy...
A brilliant gift (thanks Groupon) and one that I'd happily do again!


Saturday 26 April 2014

Getting a big girl...

My darling girl turned 5 on Wednesday.... how did that happen!?!?!?
The thing she most wanted above everything else was an Elsa dress from the Disney film Frozen.  Now there is a story behind this saga in that my sister in law was going to get this for her, but after weeks of searching, I got involved and the assistance of others after I posted my plea on facebook was overwhelming. Apparently, due the huge popularity of the film, there are just none to be had anywhere in the country...  Lisa then went for Anna's dress which is stunning and I started bidding on one on Ebay - putting in a silly price just to secure it.... and win it I did.  Which was great, although a friend of mine who had seen my plight managed to get hold of the LAST one in Smyths the weekend we were in Butlins.  So instead of none, I had two!!! LOL! Am just going to re-list it!

Nannie came to collect Cassandra from school and amongst other gifts bought Cassandra her first "onesie"!!!
 A HUGE hit :)
Nana & Grandad then came over for a cuppa and a slice of chocolate cake - which is a must when you turn 5 apparently.....

Happy birthday my gorgeous little lady.  Love you to the moon and Peppa Pig world and back xx


Easter Fun

For the last few years, it's become a regular event to go over to Mum's on Good Friday for her Easter Egg hunt.  This year we went on the Saturday as we didn't get back from Butlins until late Good Friday.  The kids LOVE it and look forward to it every year, even though it doesn't take them very long!

This year however, Mum outdid herself in that even she couldn't find where she'd hidden some of the eggs/clues - we must of spent ages looking and Mum doesn't have THAT big a garden!
 Still the kids didn't do bad with bags full of goodies each...
 Then on Sunday this was the view of their chocolate haul!!



I'm soooooooooo behind on blog posts, so first of all - Butlins.  Lee and I took our 3 sprogs down to Bognor Regis to spend a few days at Butlins during the Easter hols.  Butlins is what it is, although I must admit, I was shocked at the prices, but then again it was Easter....
We were very lucky with the weather in that it didn't rain at all.  Cloudy and very cold, but the sun did try and sneak through..

All the kids enjoyed the free Funfair, although Nicholas wasn't that impressed he had to go on the rides with an adult...

 Cassandra more than the boys enjoyed meeting some important people..

I'd forgotten just how stoney Bongor beach was, so all the buckets and spades I'd take weren't really much use in building a sandcastle!

Still, an ice cream and a train rides along the seafront made up for it!  

We had good "family of 5" time for the week, although I hate to admit that I think we've outgrown Butlins a little bit... Alex was just on the cusp of max height to do anything and I refuse to queue up from 5pm to get into a venue to watch a show that starts at 7.30pm...

Still, it was fun and I must of put the 1/2 stone that I've recently lost back on during those 5 days due to the wonderful food...

"Scout Essex Weekend" - camping is our next venture...


Sunday 13 April 2014


Another proud Mummy moment - whilst Alexander and I were at B&Q DIY club today, Nicholas won the "Parents Award"!!!

He was apparently fabulous in goal, and his goal kicks, drop kicks and passes were exceptionally accurate. 

Get in there my son!!


Dancing Queen......

Despite my little lady declaring a month or so ago that she no longer wanted to carry on dancing and that she would much rather start football(!?!??!), she did carry on and this week it all came together for her as she took part in Expressions Theatre Arts annual show at the Towngate Theatre, Basildon.

She had rehearsals every day and Thursday night was the first night where Lee and Barbara went to see her, coming home totally amazed by the show.

I went Friday night, Mum went Saturday afternoon and I sneaked in at the interval of the last show Saturday night.
Cassandra was in two numbers and the finale.  This was her "Modern" outfit
and this was her "Tap" outfit (her favourite).
When I collected her from the stage door after the last show, I presented her with a bouquet of flowers, a balloon, gift and card to congratulate her on such wonderful performances.

It was a great experience, although she has said she doesn't want to do it again :(

Guess I better dig out an arsenal kit of Nicholas' that will fit her for when she starts football training!