Sunday 30 September 2012

And we're off...

yes, the football season has officially started and today's game for the Leigh Ramblers Under 7 Tigers was against Southend Mannor Tigers...
 All the boys practiced shooting in the warm up...

The terrible trio of Nicholas, Jack Duce and Freddie Knight!

Today's team line up
 Even Cassandra got in on the act today by jumping in a huge big muddy puddle - just like Peppa Pig!

 They played really well and drew 2-2!!

Jack played outstandingly and was awarded Man of the Match :)


Friday 21 September 2012

In style...

One of Nicholas' friends was 7 yesterday and today, his fabby mum (my good friend Charmaine) had arranged to pick up the birthday boy Jack and some of his friends from school, in style, in a Limo!

They were rather excited to say the least..

However, Charmaine (who's a Mum of 3 boys and a girl) said that after the journey, give her girls in a limo over boys any day! LOL!


Sunday 16 September 2012

Ding Dong - Avon calling....

So, who would like to host an Avon party?

Nothing majorly involved, invite a few girlfriends round for a girlie night in, I'll bring the products, some freebies, samples, run a raffle and I'll even do a few mini foot treatments on your guests using all the Footworks products!

You'll receive a hostess gift and a percentage of your sales to spend with me.  I'll even offer some special incentives to get your guests spending their pennies.  Not hard really as Christmas is FAST approaching and there are just LOADS of great offers in the brochures....

I have some dates available October/November time, so please contact me NOW to get booked in!


Monday 10 September 2012

Personal Avon brochure

How's this for cool?  You can now click on the image from C15 above and submit your Avon order directly to me!

Go on, try it!!!


Lee's birthday treat!

Lee turned 38 yesterday and although Alexander was at Rachel's house for a sleep over the night before, Cassandra and Nicholas made Daddy breakfast in bed :)

Lee's birthday treat this year was family indoor skiing up at Milton Keynes!  We'd seen SnoZone when we'd gone up a few weeks previously to the indoor sky diving and it looked REALLY good..

So, as they were doing a special offer of an hour's family instruction AND Cassie could take part too, I booked it!
It's harder than it looks and Nicholas was probably the best one out of the three boys as he has so much lower body strength due to playing so much football...

Cassie unfortunately decided 10 minutes in that she didn't want to ski, so we sneaked over to the sledging area and had a few goes down the slopes - very brave as she went down on her own :)

Was a brilliant morning for a special occasion - just wish there was a centre nearer to us!


Thursday 6 September 2012

Scrappin' Challenges: Frosted Designs - Fab Friday office supplies

I'm getting back in there with my scrappin mojo and this entry into Frosted Designs Fabulous Friday - Office Supplies challenge was a real fun one for me to do.

This is their link:

The challenge was to use some kind of office supplies on the layout - so could have been anything like staples, string, post it notes etc etc, but I found this little book mark clip and thought it went well on my layout to hold the 4 small photos...


Scrappin' challenges: ScrapFit - warm up 31

Again, looking to get my scrappin' mojo back so this challenge entry is for ScrapFit's warm up challenge 31 - to use only patterned papers for the background of a layout - no cardstock!

This is their link if you would like to enter...

I used a photo of the boys when we were in the Forest of Dean and had a lovely piece of corner patterned paper that I then flicked paint all over to make it a little more interesting!  I love working with patterned papers, so I really enjoyed this challenge!


First day of school...

Emotional wasn't the word...  well, not on actually on 4th Sept 2012 when the kids started back at school, but the day before when I was sorting out clothes, shoes, book bags etc etc...

Maybe it's 'cos Cassandra will be my last one to start school, or that she's my girl I don't know, but I did get rather clingy to them on Monday and all 3 got lots more hugs than usual on the Monday afternoon...

Lee went into work late on Tuesday as he does on the first day of school - he like to play official photographer...

 We also managed to get a pic of all the kids with their new teachers..
 Nicholas has Mrs Wiley this year - Year 2 Crocodile's class

Alexander has Miss Mitchell - Year 4 - Kangaroo's class

And Cassandra has Mrs Green - Bears Pre-school class

So, bring on my year of the school run 3 times a day.... They are however, growing up WAY too fast...


Tuesday 4 September 2012

Week 6

Again a little late, but hey I'm blogging!

Bank Holiday put me all out day wise, but on Tuesday I took the boys back to Family Pottery - only this time they had an idea of what they wanted to make... Alexander made some book ends and Nicholas made a pot that you can put a tea light in...both just need to air dry, be painted and then they are good to go :)

Nicholas had his last football training session at Soccer Hub today and Cassandra was in nursery, so an Alex and I day... we didn't do anything major, had lunch in Leigh and spent the day at home - doing "stuff" although I couldn't quite say what other than we cleared his room up and you can now see the floor!

Thursday we went out with Mum, the kids wanted to go crabbing again, but high tide was at 12 noon, so there we were at 9am down on the beach in Southend. It was a little chilly to say the least but we were there and boys did brilliantly in catching crabs...

 Cassandra however, preferred to be snuggled under the towel!

I'd done really well this week in that I signed up TWO new reps to my team whilst going for Avon's Rising Stars programme..  Hope they succeed!

Friday saw my first day without ANY of the kids - Cassandra had her last day at nursery and Alex and Nicholas were over at Deanes in Thundersley at Waterzone and Rounders... I spent the day tidying up, sorting paperwork and catching up on stuff...

The countdown had been long, but Saturday finally arrived and Leigh Ramblers U7 Tigers had their first tournament of the season.

Lee had spent AGES sorting out rotations so that all the kids got to play in every game etc etc and they all tried very hard.  Nicholas got to be goalie for two of the matches and he did very well....

It was their first real tournament as a team, and unfortunately they didn't win any games, but all had a good time and Freddie Knight was pleased as punch to get the Man of the Match trophy!

Lee and I were especially proud of our own little star..

The weekend was rounded off with both the boys doing some back to school work with Liam, Alexander's teen tutor...

and then a visit from Lisa & Greg and the twins..

The 6 weeks have actually gone quite quickly...