Monday 22 May 2017

How much fun!?!?!?

So this weekend, whilst Lee was away up in Colchester undertaking his FA Level 2 football coaching course, I took the kids over to the Aquapark in the Wakeboard lake at Festival Leisure, Basildon.
Once we were all wet suit and life jacket'd up, it was time to get cold!
  We were there with a youth group that Alex attends, so we had the whole structure to ourselves!
I just had to get in on the act too and it was just sooooo much fun, albeit a tad hard for us older ones to climb back on after falling off!
Minimum age is 8 years and the requirement is to be able to swim 50m, so even Cassandra had a brilliant time (once she got enough courage to swim over to it)!

Both Alexander and Nicholas were in the elements...
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - although, maybe more so in the summer when the lake is warmer!


Monday 15 May 2017

Teenager stuff

So in continuing (still) with Alexander's 13th birthday celebrations, he went to Elite Gammer in Westcliff on Sunday with 8 Buds.
Two hours of XBox gaming on huge screens with the ability to ALL play together!

  The VR (Virtual Reality) went down well too.  It's so funny watching the kids with it..
Pizza and chocolate cake finished the event off nicely.

Happy teenager Alex.


Thursday 11 May 2017

One photo, 20 words

It's almost like they love each other...

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Ready, aim, fire!

Nicholas being (for want of a better phrase) "the sporty one" of my three beasties, was chosen as one of only 4 Yr6 kids to represent Blenheim in the Borough Archery competition last week..
A number of schools took part and not only did Nicholas come 4th in the boys individual shooting, but Team Blenheim came 3rd!!!
Way to go little man!


Sunday 7 May 2017

Help! There's a teenager in my house!

So my darling first born turned into one of those hormonal, yucky, smelly, gobby teenager's last Thursday.  Well, he's that already, but he actually made the grade of 13!

 Now taller than both Lee and I, he was much appreciative of his new tablet and the chocolate cake!

We always do something all together as a family to celebrate the kids birthdays and this year was a huge surprise that I'd managed to keep from all of them...
I had tickets to Star Wars Identities up at the O2!!

Alex was in his total element..
All the way round you had to create an "identity" - you could choose your race, influences etc etc and at the end the Emperor asks if you will come over the the dark side... As was expected, my Sith Lord accepted!

One of Alex's main gifts this year was a falconry experience with a local co. called Kings Falconry.
Not sure Alex was that impressed with having to prep up the food for the birds, but hey ho.. needs must..

From Owls to Hawks

To a Peregrine Falcon.

He got to learn about them all, how to feed them, how to make them fly to him and all under the watchful eye of the owner of the co. Phil (who also let me take loads of photos)!

He had such a brilliant time...

Happy happy birthday Alexander x


Wednesday 3 May 2017


Last week Mum and I went to see the Poppies Wave in Shoebury.  After walking for what seemed miles, it was a lovely display, albeit a tad far away.

It's a lovely way to remember those that gave their lives for our Freedom though.


So not only was it Cassie's birthday but St George's Day this year actually fell on a Sunday, which meant renewal of Promise for the scouts.
The birthday girl was given the honour of carrying the flag too... 

 As usual, Sue and I were on hand to be sensible and lead the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts along Leigh to the church..

After parade, we all went out for a celebratory birthday dinner at the Weir.

A very busy day!


Birthday Girl...

So the years keep going by and Cassandra turned 8 the other week.
Like her borthers before her, this year she got her ipod and hasn't put it down since, so we've had Ed Sheeran and One Direction constantly!
 This year, Cassandra had a pool party at WestLeigh school with 27 of her friends and by all accounts everyone had a great time.
My eternal thanks go to Alex, Martyna and Jody for being the "responsible adults" in the pool with the kids, leaving me free to do the party host thing and take photos! 

Cassie absolutely adored being pushed around in the pool on top of the floats and rings to blow her candles out on poolside and then being tipped up into the pool by everyone.

Happy birthday beautiful, we love you to the moon and back and are so proud of all you do.