Wednesday 29 June 2016

Blenheim Sports Day

This was my last year of having "double whammy" as I call it - spending ALL day at school watching KS1 (Cassandra) in the morning and then watching KS2 (Nicholas) in the afternoon.  Still the weather held out - it didn't rain and wasn't as hot as last year either.

Cassie was excited from the moment she woke up - "It's sports day, it's sports day and I'm in Green Team" was the chant.  Her enthusiasm is infections and they did really well, coming 2nd overall!

Nicholas on the other hand had the hump the day before when he found out that he was in Green Team too, but he was in with all the kids that according to him "couldn't run or throw or catch a ball"!
Not that my kids are competitive or anything!

He still gave it his all, but his fears were true when the Green Team came last overall in KS2...

Another major school event over... It's nearly the end of term...



Life has been more than manic of late... Lee and the boys were involved in a car accident the other week, resulting in no broken bones, but Lee and Alex suffering from whiplash and Lee's car being written off.  So more expense and more hassle to now replace that (thank you to my in-laws for the loan of Barbara's car for the week).

I had a lovely weekend scrapbooking up at Hemel Hempstead a couple of weeks ago, but felt a little lost as Mum had only just got back from Florida that weekend, so didn't come with me.  Still, I maanged my project of my 2011 Disney album which has spurred me to to want to go back.  So, all things going to plan (when do they ever)? 2018 it will be for us - the new Star Wars land will be built by then too!

The big UK decision of whether to leave or stay within the Euopean Union has proved stressful with people all over voicing their opinion and getting angry with those that are of the opposite view.

There has been football, work, Scouts, Foodbank, Choir, Scuba diving, more football, Dr appointments, swimming, Euro 2016, trips away, and the usual kids activities - all of which seem to be getting on top of me lately... And then there is 15th July 2016.  OU Results day..

It's just never ending... or that's how it feels sometimes.

Onwards and upwards.


Thursday 23 June 2016

One photo, 20 words

Alex has made a friend!  Hayden and he have great fun at Aquapigs Scuba Diving!


Thursday 9 June 2016

One photo, 20 words...

Love these 3 beasties loads


We always try to do something for each of the kids as a family as well as anything (within reason) they want to do with their friends for their birthdays.

This year Alexander wanted to go actual paintballing - now that he's old enough to do it...  After conversations about how much it hurts when you get hit, I booked it all up and last weekend saw Lee, the boys and I, together with Matthew and Oliver venture to Upminster to Delta Force for some serious shooting.

Numerous bruises aside, a good battle was had - with our team winning of course!


Messing about on the river?

So a couple of weeks ago, Sue and I took a number of 3rd Prittlewell Beavers - including Cassandra to try out kayaking over at Thriftwood in Brentwood
Those that did come along had a brillian time..

Owain joined in too to help out
As did Alexander!
Great fun was definately had by all!


Going down deep...!

Well Alex is on another advenutre - he's decided he wants to try Scuba diving!
So a few weeks ago I booked him in for a trial session with Aquapigs and he LOVED it!

So as of Saturday, he'll be undertaking the SEAL course.. Gotta love his enthusiasm and open mindness to try new activities!