Friday 23 November 2012

KS1 Sports

Yesterday, Blenheim Primary School, along with 19 other schools in the Borough took part in KS1 sports being held over at Garons in Southend.  I was thrilled that Nicholas had been chosen to represent his school and went along to cheer him and the other kids on!
 There was an awful lot of waiting around and to be honest it wasn't organised very well, but Jack McCardle, Nicholas and Louie seemed to be doing okay apart from the fact they were starving as the school had not thought to take their requested pack lunches with them and the event was significantly over running.. 
Nicholas finally had his chance to shine in the relay race that he ran with Sam Henderson - the boys did brilliantly and came 2nd in their heat.

Overall, out of 19 schools, Blenheim came 2nd - WOOOOOOOP!!!!!


Friday 16 November 2012

The wait was finally over...

After a year of waiting to see how Bella Swan coped with being a vampire, the time arrived yesterday.

My good friends Michelle, her best friend Heidi and my other friend Karen all got together and spent over 12 hours at the Empire cinema yesterday watching all 5 films back to back.

I had such a numb bum afterwards and my knee was hurting, but boy was it worth it!!!!!  Each film got you more in the the mood and when the countdown to BD2 started the auditorium were almost in a freenzy!

That was up until the projector stopped working and they nearly had a riot on their hands... 20 minutes late the film finally started and boy was it worth the long, long anticipated wait.

No spoilers from me, but suffice to say it was AWESOME and the ending to the franchise that has become a worldwide phenomenon was just and fitting.

To those that haven't seen it yet - you'll LOVE IT!!!


Wednesday 14 November 2012

Fun in a barn!

Yesterday I was supposed to be going over to Farmer Fred's Play Barn with my good friend Lisa.  However at 7.30am she text me to say that her new cooker (she's just moved) was arriving between 11am and 3pm -a week early!  So, being the fabby friend that I am (and also not to let Cassandra down) I offered to still take them both straight from school pick up...
 Eljay was more than happy to go with us and the pair of them had a great time running around and playing.
Their favourite time had to be in the Coupe car and Cassie, being the fearless individual that she is, decided that they could both play with the car at the same time, as she'd go on top!

And of course, they had to swap places...
I therefore, managed to sit in relative peace and read a whole chapter of my OU book on Biological psychology... I think I would rather have been playing with the car too!!!


Tuesday 13 November 2012

Remembrance Sunday

Last Sunday was Remembrance Sunday and as such, both the boys should of been at Church Parade.  However, due to the pouring rain last week, Nicholas' football match had been cancelled and thus had been re-arranged for Sunday.  I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that he chose to go to football rather than special church parade, but I can understand it...

Unfortunately it meant that I couldn't go and cheer him on as Alex did go to service.
I had a tear in my eye when I realised that he had the honour of carrying the flag! Mum, Cassandra and I were there feeling very proud when he did his bit.

Over at Hawkwell, the Leigh Ramblers Tigers did FANTASTICALLY and won their match 3-0. 
Not only did my amazing son score 2 of the 3 goals, but he was awarded Man of the Match too :) I was just very upset that I wasn't there to see him get the trophy which is now standing in pride of place on the ledge in our Den.

Two very special boys that I'm extremely proud of.


Bonfire night

This year we all went to two bonfire/firework displays.  On Saturday 4th November Mum joined us and we all went over to Belchamps for the evening.  A great bonfire, but the fireworks display was good, but it was just so expensive that we are thinking of something different next year.

Then the weekend just gone, I offered to help out marshalling at our school event, which meant that Lee stayed home with Cassandra and I took Alexander up with me and then Mum came up with Nicholas a little while later.

Now that Alexander has stopped going to karate (another sport bites the dust)! he is free to attend "Enterprise club" after school.  Basically the group were given some money and their challenge is to increase that money by the end of the school year.  So, the members had put together some stalls/games at the event and Alex was very happy to be taking the money on various tables throughout the evening.

 This was great as Alex was happy in Mr Shaw's classroom which left Michelle and I to marshall the event from the safe side of the barrier and to basically have some fun dancing before the fireworks off.
Nichols then arrived with Mum and proceeded to run around like a loony for most of the evening.

I have to admit the fireworks were just brilliant and next year Blenheim Primary school firework display is where we shall all be.


Tuesday 6 November 2012

All Hallow's Eve

I just LOVE Halloween, bar Christmas it's the best time for me and I love getting all dressed up and taking the kids Trick or Treating!

Lee spent a good few hours with Nicholas and Casandra this year (Alex was at a sleep over at Mum's) carving their pumpkins and they each loved their Thomas the Tank Engine (Cass), Spiderman spider (Nicholas) and an Angry bird (Alex).
I had decorated the house and the outside this year in readiness for the ghoulishness to take place..
As I go out with the boys (Cassandra stayed at home this year to open the door to all her trick or treat customers) I have to get dressed up too!
We had a good photo shoot session before the off..

Alex hurt his foot a road or two in, so we dropped him home and Nicholas and I carried on with some great friends - Karen, Michael, Ash & Sam.

Nicholas was so good when we got home though as he tipped his goodie bag on the table and shared out the loot!