Sunday 29 November 2009

Ice ice Baby

A local school Christmas fete today was soooo much fun as Lee, Mum and I took the boys (and Cassie of course) to Sacred Heart school as they had a fake ice skating rink.

I was thrilled when we were told there was no minimum age limit and so after donning ice skating boots, the boys ventured out onto the ice - we all had a fabby time sliping and sliding around - maybe when they get a bit older we'll take them to a REAL ice rink!!

Thursday 26 November 2009

I can do it - almost!

At 7 months old now, Cassie is desperately trying to walk on her own! She's not doing too bad as she can hold on to the sofa and walk along and Alex's Bob the Builder chair is just the right height for her to hold on to.

Guess it's time for the baby gates to come out to play for a bit?!??!

just keep swimming, just keep swimming..

Nicholas came home from swim school today proud as punch (as are we) with his STA Stanley 5 award - a wonderful achievement for a 3 year old!!!!

boing.... boing.....

Alex came home from trampolining last week with his grade 3 - he was so proud - as were we!

Thursday 12 November 2009

I think Alexander is going to be a builder!

On Sunday Alex and I had some much needed special 1:1 time together. Cassie was asleep and Lee had taken Nichols out to the park for a bit.

When asked what he wanted to do, Alex replied that he wanted to build a house...!!

Okay, ever one to rise to a challenge, I obtained a rather large box and we got planning....
A good few hours later and his house had well and truly taken shape - very colourfully painted, with windows, curtains, an opening door, letterbox, doorbell and even a chimmney. His house was course number 72 as that's the number of where Nannie lives!!

Monday 2 November 2009

Halloween Party!

This year I'd decided that I wasn't going to host a Halloween party at home as I was exhausted after last year's (the fact I was pregger's didn't help) so for £10 all in, I took the boys to Monkey Bizz one of the large indoor play areas in Hockley for their planned Halloween party and I'm glad I did as they had a fabby time. There were games, a fancy dress competition, a buffet and they got to run around for two hours like lunatics!

A last minute change of plan also saw Lee and Cassandra coming along too. Cassie looked a real pumpkin in her outfit and enjoyed spending time with Daddy in the baby area!


Every year (well, for the past 2 anyway) Lee and the boys have carved a pumpkin to put outside our door on Halloween. This year they really went to town with one each! Nicholas is Batman crazy at the moment and so obviously he choose a bat carving and Alex choose the "Pumpkin King". Lee did a brilliant job (with the boys help of course) and I think they had the best pumpkins in the street!