Monday 26 September 2011

Scrapbook Getaways Retreat

I had SUCH a great time at my weekend scrappin' retreat that I completed 18 layouts and have 9 more just to play around with to finish off.  I was really pleased with my efforts - some are better than others, but all are different!

I was trying to catch up and get more up to date, so I tried to scrap some photos that were a bit older, hence LOADS of Cassie!

The weekend itself was run by a lady called Christine of Scrapbook Getaways and she was brill.  The hotel was first class, the food amazing (I put on 3lb whilst there) and it was real value for money!  Even better were the ladies that attended - I made a couple of new friends that I hope to see sometime again.

I've booked to go to another retreat in June, but don't tell Lee!!!


Thursday 22 September 2011

A weekend away!!!

So, just how excited am I allowed to be about this weekend!?!?!?  Friday, Saturday and Sunday with no kids & no hubby to spend doing nothing but sticking and glueing - that would be scrapbooking to those not in the know!

Love my family to bits, but sometimes I just need a bit of me time and there is no better way than to get caught up in creating a memory page (of my family) surrounded by lots of bits of paper, embellishments, chipboard, buttons, ribbons etc etc.

I can check in from 12 noon, so Basingstoke here I come!!!


Tuesday 6 September 2011

Back to School!

I just can't get my head round the fact that Alexander is going back to school to be in JUNIORS!!  Year 3 for him and Nicholas into Year 1.

Before the off - in the pouring rain!

Nicholas and his new teacher - Miss Hipsey

Alexander and his new teacher - Mrs Ambrose

I hope they work hard and do well this year!


Week 6

NOT feeling the love - Google have changed all their blogger set up and layout and it's hard work now - grrr...

Anyway, the lat week of the hols was good.  Monday was Bank Holiday and I'd decided that I was going to do the boot sale up at school.  I did pretty well and made about £45 :)  Alex wasn't very well today, so we didn't really do much else..

Tuesday Alex was still getting over his "bug" so we popped round to Mum's for the day and ended up at Priory Park which the kids loved as they've got loads of new stuff there.  Bar Alex of course who was most miffed that they've got rid of his slide!

Whilst Cassie was at nursery on Wednesday, I took the boys over to Barling and they spent the morning at "Pony Club" - riding, learning about, and grooming the ponies.  They said they had a great time :)

Thursday the boys were at Deanes for the last time at Gymnastics & Trampolining and I took Cassie over to Farmer Fred's Playbarn in Benfleet to meet up with Helen and her little girl Emma.

On Friday - the boys spent the morning with Mum as I desperately needed a hair cut (all short again) and in the afternoon we just chilled.

I scrapbooked for most of Saturday, but left early to take Alex to Calum Harkes birthday party at Belfairs swimming pool - Water Walkers!  Apparently Alex was one of the best ones there - think it could of been
as he's done it before, but whatever, he had a GREAT TIME!

Sunday Mum flew out to America (again) with Brianne and I caught up with family in the afternoon.

All in all and good last week.