Sunday 13 July 2014

Challenge Yourself - #8 challenge

I'm quite enjoying the new blog I've found in which all the challenges have to include a picture of me!

Their colour challenge was to use any of the colours "smoked teal, summer red, plumbed grey (more purple) and sky grey (more blue)".

I hope I met the criteria with this layout of Mum and I.

Plenty of time still to enter as the challenge doesn't close until 4th August 2014. scrap-challenge-yourself #8


Way to go my boy!!!!

So, so, so proud of Nicholas.... Not only did he get awarded his trophy for good work this year at the Leigh Ramblers U8 Tigers presentation event today, but he was also awarded Most Improved Player :)

I'm so proud on two counts, one that he really deserved it, and despite being the managers' kid, he was actually awarded it too :)


Thursday 10 July 2014


Everyone has a bucket list..... a list of things that they want to do...  well, attending wimbledon has always been on mine, so this year, thanks to my wonderful Mummy having all 3 of my darling children for the WHOLE day, Lee and I went off with the Echo Reader Travel to watch the tennis...
Was a bit of a shock to the system on a Sunday morning in that we had to be on the coach at 7.10am, so Mum was round at ours by 6.30am !!
 3 hours later we arrived at Wimbledon and we had tickets for No.1 court and would be watching the Youth boys and Youth girls finals and the Veteran's finals..
 Lots of places to get a drink and some food..
We sneaked into Centre Court - just to have a look and to be honest it wasn't as big as I thought it would be... saying that, a tennis court is a tennis court.... the Royal Box looked impressive though..  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in attendance as were the Beckhams, but did we manage to see anyone, no :(

A cuppa always goes down well, no matter where you are :)

 The boys final was great, two names to look out for in a couple of years I think - Noah Rubin won!

The girls final wasn't quite so interesting and I hate all the grunting one of the girls made, but it was a good match and Jelena Ostapenko won.

The veterans doubles game was quite funny as when they missed the ball, one of the players kept holding his back and pretending to be an old man!

We didn't get back until 10pm, so it was a really long day, for both lee and I and Mum.  The kids however had had a great day as they got to eat chocolate, sweets and game all day.  Gotta love time with Nannie!


6 years in....

I got my results of my latest OU module today...

To say I'm chuffed to bits is an understatement... - DISTINCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only 2 more years to go...


Wednesday 2 July 2014

Swim Gala - round 2

Today, for Alexander's swim gala I was more organised... I remembered my hat (as I was sooo hot and had a such a headache from sitting in the sun all afternoon yesterday) and arrived up at school earlier than than yesterday, so was all ready and waiting - and not rushing!
Alexander is not quite so happy-to-go-with-stuff as Nicholas is, and has always thought school swim gala is a waste of time as 'cos he can swim, he gets put in a team with others that can't swim as well as he can.  Consequently, his team, despite the big lead he can get them, always looses.
 Today was unfortunately, no different...
 As Alex is now in Yr5, they did however do the fun races a little better...
Saying that, all Alex really wanted to do was get through to the final of the boys race and beat this boy called Toby, who has been teasing Alex that he's the better swimmer....
Alex did get through to the final but he didn't manage to beat Toby.  Alex did however come a fabby 4th place in the race and did brilliantly.

So much so that it's spurred him on and he wants to try out for Garons swim club which is where a couple of his friends currently train.  Wont do him any harm and will even build up his stamina.

Very very well done young man.  Very proud of you!


Tuesday 1 July 2014

Swim Gala - round 1....

Today was Nicholas' swim gala and I was quite apprehensive for him as he was desperate to hold on to his crown from last year.... so, no pressure!
 Year 3 started as usual with what my boys call the "silly races" - jumping across the pool on a woggle..
 Balancing a hoop on ones' head across the pool.... etc etc
 The more important race was the Boys individual race...
 Nicholas' swimming training paid off and he remembered his training and focused hard..
 And swam hard leading from the start of the race...
 HE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As did his good friend Niamh Harkes - who won the girls race.

So, both kids winners, two years in a row!!

So so proud of them both :)


Scrapology - T for Trellis

Mum and I both love Scrapology's blog and their challenge for June was "T for Trellis"  
This was the sketch that was to be the inspiration..

I have been experimenting with paste and masks and love how this came out....

A couple of pics of my darling girl with all her cuddly's set it off nicely :)

Closing date is 5th July to enter, so not much time if anyone wants to enter..
scrapology - t for trellis