Wednesday 23 September 2020

Studio Challenge - old stash: Play to win!

I must of had these papers in my stash for years, waiting for the right photos.  However, when I was going through all my papers, I decided that these photos of my daughter and her friend playing in the arcades down at Southend seafront would be ideal.
I'm therefore entering this layout into Studio Challenge's to use old stash.

Challenge closes 4th October 2020

Lasting memories Challenge #516 - BFF

I'm not finding much time to scrapbook lately, despite not being in a full time educational role, but I managed to get this one done of my daughter and her bud from primary school.
It's a little out of my comfort zone as I'm quite a busy scrapbooker, but I was pleased with the end result, so I'm submitting it to the challenge - to use flowers on your layout.

Challenge closes 26/09/20.


Monday 21 September 2020

Player of the Match!!

She only went and won player of the match!!!!! I'm so so proud of her..


Thursday 10 September 2020

Back to some sort of reality...

Last week routine was implement as everyone went back or started school.
Cassandra started in Yr7 and was nervous but excited to go, but looked so small walking down the road that I almost ran after her...
Nicholas is back in Yr10, still in top sets much to his pleasure.
And as for my eldest, Alexander started at college.  He's taking a Lvl3 course in Computing: Games Development.  Wasn't quite the first day he had planned due to his anxiety, but he made it through and is looking forward to the course.

Life is indeed moving along...


So after many years of wanting a dog, Lee finally gave in last Christmas.  It's taken some planning and the agreement was that when I had secured a position at a school, we could get one.  However, this was not to be due to COVID-19.  I was devastated that after all my training and final qualification to be a teacher, that I had no role for September. 

My hopes for getting a family dog were almost shattered, however, I suffered quite badly during lockdown and with nothing else to focus on, nothing to look forward to (just like many others) I was feeling more down.  I kept on looking at dog websites and found a Springadoor litter and secured one for collection after our week in Wales.  

We brought our gorgeous boy, Endor (named after the forest moon in Star Wars) home in the middle of August to join our family. 

He's settling in well, and bar the teething biting issues, is a delight to have around...

He is already loved by many!

Up to date...

Summer is officially over.  Not sure how to feel about that one - relieved or disappointed..

Still fun was had, is some small ways... with friends over to play in the pool
Trips down to Adventure Island with other friends

Adult conversation (?)
Making new friends

And catching up with old ones.
And GCSE's collected for a happy young man!