Thursday 21 July 2011

Sales Leader

As if i don't have enough to do to keep me busy, I've just become an Avon Sales Leader!

I've always done sales, I did one of Mum's Avon rounds when I was 16, so been there, done that sort of thing. Wasn't planned, just kind of came about, but I'm well on board now..

I've signed up 4 new reps already, and I need 6 to qualify as a leader - so pls, if you are interested in earning some extra pennies or know anyone else that may be, contact me anyway you can!


Monday 18 July 2011

Peppa Pig World

Despite trying, to no avail, on the day to change the booking due to the terrible weather, we all set off down to Southampton to Paultons Family Theme park, which has just had Peppa Pig World built...

We didn't get there until lunch time, but God must of been looking down on us, as the rain stopped and we got to go round the park relatively dry! This wasn't the case on Sunday however!

We headed straight for Peppa world to Cassie's squeals of excitement...

Grandpa Pig's boat and train ride, Windy Castle, Big Balloon, Daddy Pig's car ride etc etc, we did them all!

The boys loved George's dinosaur ride, which was the only one Cass couldn't go on, being 1/2cm too short!
Cass was in her element when she actually got to meet Peppa and George!

Alex (being a big 7) was a little bored, but we promised him we'd go round some of the other bit of the theme park after, and he could choose the first ride, so he cheered up a bit..

We then ventured out to the theme park itself and went on all we could time and weather permitting. Both boys loved the water chute...

and I was soooo proud of Alex, going on the cobra roller coaster - Nicholas being the fearless one he is, told me it was totally awesome!

I got a little sick on the ole swings, but was worth it for Nicholas to go on too :)

I fibbed to the ride steward and said Cassie was 3, so she got to go on a roller coaster although she told Daddy that she "didn't like it" apparently when she came off!

Think she preferred the Ladybird ride with her big brother!

Despite the rain, (it really isn't fun to go round a theme park with it hammering it down) our two day pass and overnight accommodation at a Holiday Inn inc breakfast was a dam good deal - just remind me not to do the "family room" thing again!!!


Sunday 17 July 2011

The Butler Family

Look what I found from!!


Friday 15 July 2011

Swim Gala II

Just as Nicholas had his gala on Wednesday, Alexander had his school swimming gala this morning..

I don't think Alex enjoyed it as much as Nicholas did as the school have this policy of not encouraging the children to compete against each other. As such the ones that are good at something, and Alex is a very good swimmer (he should be really, after being at swim school since he was 9 months old) tend to be put in a team with others that are, how shall I say, less able? Consequently, he never wins or comes close... His team, the blue team, came 4th (out of 4).

So when it came to doing a Year 2 boys race, he didn't want to compete, cos he was in a p'd off mood - don't blame him really...

Still, Calum Harkes did fabby by winning

with Nathan Gray a close second.

Well done to eveyone!


Wednesday 13 July 2011

Swim gala

Nicholas had his swimming gala at school today, although for the kids in Reception, it was more of a fun swim, lets show how confident we've all got in the water..

Whatever it was called, Nicholas had a good time!


Friday 8 July 2011

Just keep swimming...

Another very proud Mummy Moment yesterday...

Nicholas achieved his Stanley 7 swimming badge! Way to go little man - we're very proud of you!!!


On a roll

Having a good "me time" day today, and even finished Total Papercraft's layout from Wednesday. Altered it a little, but I'm happy with the end results!


Fish Pedicure

Our local beauty salon has just got the latest craze in - a fish pedicure.

It sounded interesting.... So, I mentioned it to my friend Sam and she was like - oooh I want to do it, so she talked me into it too and off we went.

Clean feet done, then came the hard part of actually putting your feet in the tank of water with the little fishes swimming around.... Sam went first.... I wasn't that brave!

It was a very strange feeling, as soon as you put your feet near the water, all the fish come up and try to attach themselves to them!

The hardest part was actually putting your feet in the water, as the fish were like piranah's - they just all grab on and start nibbling away at the dead skin on your feet.. They don't have any teeth, so it didn't hurt at all.

They even go up your ankles! Didn't quite enjoy the feeling of them between my toes, but it was a very strange experience.

Would I do it again? probably - my feet came out lovely and smooth and after a quick file down of my heels they look good too :)

Thank you Tranquility for getting such a good new treatment in!


Sunday 3 July 2011

Summer fete!

Saturday was the day of Blenheim Primary school's summer fete and as secretary of the PTA, I was there just after 9 helping set up.

My stall this year (just as last year) was the Crazy Kitchen - a fabby stall where all the kids get to throw wooden balls and try to smash some crockery!

Thanks to the wonderful idea of Michelle and the fabby hand-on of her hubby Dave, our stall was up and ready for action early, allowing me to help set up everything else!

Mum brought Alex up (as he'd been to Leigh Fire Station's open day earlier) and Lee brought Nicholas and Cassandra up in the afternoon.

Alex was keen to help out on the stall - taking the money (smart kid)...

but Cassie wanted to play on the bouncy castles..

and Nicolas was more than happy to have his face painted

We were very lucky with the weather, and everyone seemed to have a great day. I just hope we made lots of pennies for the school!