Saturday 24 December 2016

She only went and won!

We often venture into our local toy shop - Toys n Tuck in Southend when we're in town and this week we made a special visit as we had received a call to say that Cassandra had won the 21st Day of Christmas prize in their competition.
She had to come up with a reindeer name - Sparkle was her choice and it was obviously a good one as she won a Fur Real Friends cat whom she named Misty.

Happy days!


Way to go Alex!

SO SO PROUD of Alex - he was featured in his school's newsletter this week as one of their pupils who was celebrating a number of subject commendations - Maths, English, Computing and RE.
He's at the end of the front row, on the left!


Hunt the reindeer..

The Leigh Ramblers football team that Lee manages and coaches completely changed this year.  A number of players left for various reasons (none to do with Lee) but it was great as there is now a lovely group of lads with wonderful 'team spirited parents'.  Makes things far less stressful for an already stressy boss!
One of the team is a lad called Samuel who Nicholas gets on REALLY well with and as a family, we're getting to know his family better too.

So the other week, just before Christmas we all met up over at Wat Tyler Country Park for various activities which included a reindeer hunt for the girls - Samuel's got a little sister who's 6 called Lilly and her and Cassandra get on really well.

It was then back to Matt and Carly's for some tea and a natter.  Before we realised it is was getting late and home beckoned.

Will definitely have to do it again next year!


Thursday 15 December 2016

One photo, 20 words

Dam, that is one BIG truck!

Pre-Christmas at Mum's

Every year, for the last God knows how many, Mum has "hosted" Pre-Christmas at hers the Sunday before the official day.  This year we brought it forward a week and instead of Mum having to cook dinner, she kindly took us all out to one of our favourite restaurants... Grumpys!

Lee was playing photograaher - hence no photo of him!
Was a lovely yummy meal and the kids always eat well there.

Then it was back to mum's for gifts - she always does the kids a stocking - filled with goodies that they can eat or play with.

Lee and I get a joint one (my yearly gift of tea-towels is always much appreciated) and this year, I did a stocking for Mum too :)

Happy pre-silly season!


Christmas ride along

Last Saturday, I took Alexander and Cassandra over to the miniature railway on Canvey Island for a few rides on their miniature trains.

We were there with the SAFE organisation and Alex had some fun mucking around with his bud Nathan..
An enjoyable morning whilst the other two were at football training.


Christmas at Marsh Farm

 This year I took the family to see Santa at Marsh Farm and Mum came along too!

Their Santa and reindeer were most impressive this year.

There were loads of elves around to make things fun and they were more than happy to pose for the odd photo or two..

After visiting Mummy Claus all the kids got to ice Gingerbread men..
And then she posed for a photo with us!

The big Mr C himself was lovely and we all had a great afternoon,  Highly recommended.


Wednesday 14 December 2016

'Tis the season...

So not really being employed by a HUGE company means that I don't get to go out on any "christmas meals", however this year, I ventured out with some of the "Foodbank" team down to the Halfway House for a nice carvery.

Steve is my "boss" and Pam and I get on really well..
We all had a laugh and even more so afterwards as we joined in the Quiz in the pub and only went and won!  That's despite the 12 year old barman pronoucing Richard Gere as Richard Gear-ry!!


Friday 9 December 2016


So earlier this week I booked my OU Graduation ceremony at the Barbican in London... Today my mortarboard arrived!!!


Wednesday 23 November 2016

I'm all official!

So after nearly 5 years of being a Beaver Scouts leader I now consider it all official..
Not only do I now have keys to our venue, but I have my own name badge too!!


Tuesday 22 November 2016

One photo, 20 words



Least we Forget

So last week it was Remembrance Sunday and Alexander, Cassandra and I joined the rest of our Scouting family at the service at St Peter's.  Mum came along too.

I was so proud, that just like her brother before her, Cassandra got to carry the flag!
Part of the service was to make a cross with some lolly sticks and string.  Alex did brilliantly, helping out others using his recent pioneering skills that came in vary handy!
Whilst not the best service I've ever been too, I was proud too as I got to be part of the raising and lowering of the flags.  Last Post gets me everytime though..


Thursday 10 November 2016

CHNC (Crafty Hazelnuts)!

Before I started scrapbooking, I started out making cards and every now and again have a dabble..
This Christmas card I made I'm entering into the following challenges with Crafty Hazelnuts..
This one was for anything Christmas, but with a Vintage feel
Bonus Challenge
Use of Patterned Papper