Sunday 15 April 2012

Bonnets on parade..

Mum and I were supposed to be taking the kids to an Easter event over Mendip way last week, but it was unfortunately rained off.  However, it was re-scheduled for last Thursday afternoon so even though Dawn and Max and Tara and Lennon were here, we all went over for some Easter craft...

and and egg hunt in the Mendip Gardens..

Mum had worked hard on the kid's Easter hats which they all wore with pride - Cassie loved her "pretty hat"

But I think Nicholas loved his the most as he won the Easter Bonnet comp!!!


All action!

During the holidays Cassandra still goes to nursery twice a week, so on these days I try to organise to do something special with the boys that it's hard to do when Cassandra is around.

Last Wednesday I took them both to Action Park at Wickford where they enjoyed a 3 hour session of "activity"...

First up was the "High Ropes" area and the climbing wall - which they both mastered with ease by reaching the top and ringing the bell!

Second activity was the leap of faith, but the wobbly pole to climb up proved a little too much for both of them..

The final activity in the High Ropes was the aerial glide which Nicholas LOVED and wanted to do again - Alex on the other hand was a little nervous stepping off the ledge to fly down..

The Quad bikes were the biggest hit of the day, these being Alex's favourite - he really let rip..

The driving of a police 4x4 was a thrill for them both....

And they both now want to go and take part in paintball after some target practice.... not sure I could afford to keep them in paintballs though!


Formally the David Beckham Centre

Last Tuesday, Lee took the day off work and took Nicholas up to Soccer Hub's London venue which used to the David Beckham Academy.

Lots of the other kids from his football club went too and they had a brilliant day apparently..

Nicholas really got "stuck in" during their matches and Nicholas did really well... 

Think we may have an England player in the making!


Tuesday 10 April 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

For the last few years, we've all gone over to Mum's on Good Friday and she's done an Egg Hunt for the kids and this year was no exception...

Mum's garden is big, but not that big to hide eggs for 3 inquisitive kids, but she succeed - again!

All 3 ran around like loonies searches under plants, in bushes, behind plant pots, the shed etc etc and soon had all their other halves of eggs and goodies.

BUT - there was more to come, a "clue egg hut" led them all to a big bag of goodies that Mum had hidden for each of them - I think Cassie like the chick best!

Then came the egg and spoon race - with a little bit of cheating going on..

The sun stayed out for most of the day even allowing Lee to do his photographer bit..

We all had a great day and Mum did us all a gorgeous lunch too - thanks MUM!!!


Little dude..

Alex was quite excited last Friday to go and pick up his new glasses...

I think they make him look quite intelligent...!!?!?!!?


Wednesday 4 April 2012


Took my eldest little man to the opticians today for his routine appointment only to be told that he's short sighted and will need to wear glasses for the foreseeable future...

Although I know he needs them and they'll help his eyesight, I was just so upset for him as I know how mean kids can be with any kid that is even slightly "different".  However, I tried to be positive, encouraged him to pick a really nice blue pair of Nike frames and we'll go back and get his glasses next week.

I must say, he looks really intelligent in them too as it goes!


Robin Van Persie in the making?!?!

Nicholas has just finished a 3 day soccer school at at Chase, Southend.  His team came 2nd overall and he said he had a BRILLIANT time - albeit totally cream crackered now!

Go Go Getaway!

Well, I've been on a few different retreats and I can say with complete honesty that Scrap-a-Go-Go is the best by far!

Theobald's Park, Herts was the venue and even beforehand, the fabby organisation and communication of Janice and Lorraine, to the classes, hotel accomodation, food etc - all just brilliant!

I have a special thanks to make to Lorraine as being totally useless (and still packing Friday morning) I managed to forget my entire tote bag.  I was almost in tears Friday night when I realised and was about to drive for two hours home and back again to get, but my little fairy appeared and offered to lend me all her stuff.  I was truly amazed by her generosity - and she has my heartfelt thanks always now.

The girls in attendance were wonderful and very friendly, no clicks at all!  So, if anyone is interested, the GoGo website is:

Anyway, I completed 16 layouts in total including all 7 classes, and 3 of the challenges!

 This was one of my favourite classes - "Life's a Beach"

This was another class - "Wishi Washi" where we were all shown how to make wishi washi tape from micropore!

Another great class - "Designer Label" although I did alter this one a bit by adding another tag and photo..

A pretty basic class for me - "Come dine with me" was all about masking..

My second favourite class - "Shelf of memories" I thought this was a great vintage look layout without being over the top..

"Faux Flux" class involved making our own frames. There was also quite a bit of intircate cutting, and as anyone who knows me will tell you, I don't do that, so I went and got my "bling" and I'm so pleased with the results of this layout...

One of the last classes of the weekend was "Spiffing idea" - retro based, and a bit basic for my normal layouts, but always good to be out of your comfort zone..

 This was one of the challenges - we were all given a photo of those in attendance Saturday night and we had to come up with a layout, using only what we had left over from any of the classes we had already done!   out of just under 50 delegate I'd say 30 odd took part in this challenge (I sneaked an arrow on mine though)!!

This was the first "pre-getaway" challenge - a sketch using 8 smaller photos...

This was the second "pre-getaway" challenge.  This was Scrap-a-Go-Go's 8th retreat and as such there was  "8" requirements....
One of the first of my own layouts I completed - Lee and the boys.

Another of my own layouts - Cassandra running through the woods at Thorndon.

Another of my own layouts - My good friend Rachel Harkes and I.  This photo was taken on Rachel's birthday a few years ago when I was preggers with Cassandra.

 A Total Papercrafts kit - love this pic of my boys :)

This was a scrap lift of Alexander and his friend Max taken of them whilst riding on the Mini Mega last year down at Adventure Island during the summer hols...

 My last own design - went on a bling bender with our gorgeous girlie!

I had such a good time, have already booked for October's retreat!!!!