Sunday 27 January 2013

Nicholas turns 7..

Well, how did that happen??  Nicholas is 7!?!?!?!!!!

Lego is currently "the in thing" right now with both boys and Nicholas had asked for the Lego train :)

Nicholas' family birthday treat was go-karting a double surprise for Nicholas as I hadn't told him that Lakside karting have just built a bambino track which I'd booked him in for his first 2 lessons on...
He had 1:1 instruction with a great guy who was teaching him all about controlling the pedals, stopping and the racing line of the track..
Nicholas LOVED it!

Not to miss out, both Lee and Alexander went out on the main track on a family session..

I'd mentioned when booking that it was Nicholas' birthday, so he was allowed to wave the chequed flag for the Family session !
 Not to be out done by the boys, Cassandra also got to have a go - first with me, and then when she got her confidence, all on her own!
All the kids had a great morning :)  Then it was off to McDonalds for lunch, Lee then took the boys bowling whilst I took Cassandra to one of her little friend's birthday parties, and then home for an extended family tea party.

As Nicholas' birthday was on a Sunday, the following Saturday he had a few friends to play laser at Rayleigh Mega Play.

Simon, who is Reuben's Dad (one of his football buds') also stayed and went in with Lee to play against, sorry, with the boys whilst Cassandra and I went into the soft play area.
Food was included and Nicholas enjoyed his "slab cake" too.

To make his belated friends birthday celebrations special, I'd agreed to a sleepover for Jack Duce, Jack McCardle, Freddie Knight and Sam Henderson.... Hyper and bouncing off the walls wasn't in it, but I'll go with they all had a great time munching on popcorn, eating chocolate and watching Avengers, although I don't think they got much sleep!


Monday 14 January 2013

oooh ooooh - a BOY challenge blog!

Mum's been "surfing the web" lately and let me know of a great new challenge blog just for scrappin' boys!

Since one of my New Year's Resolutions is to enter more scrapbook challenges - this blog will certainly be one I'll be following!

They're currently offering some scrappin' candy too...  Check them out!



Sunday 13 January 2013

Spies galore!

Alexander's friend Oliver Knight was 9 yesterday and was having a "spy party" of which Alex was invited to.
All the kids were invited to come along dressed as a spy and whilst I thought most of them would go as James Bond - 007, Alex went as Inspector gadget!  I managed to get him a trent coat and hat from a local charity shop and Mum made him the fabby propeller on the top of the hat.  He got lots of comments and most people knew who he was straight away!
I didn't stay for the party, but suffice to say Alex told me he had a great time!

Cassie and her little friend...

Cassandra is now at the pre-school of Blenheim and is making lots of new friends.  One little girl in particular keeps being mentioned so we invited her round last week for a play date.

Kaylah is a lovely girl and she and Cassie had loads of fun together and I hope they'll stay friends through school :


Sunday 6 January 2013


Well, as anyone who's spoken to me since we got back from Lapland in the middle of December, knows that I really wasn't happy with our "once in a lifetime" trip to the most magical place of all at Christmas...

A lot of issues and I have written and sent a 4 page letter of complaint to Thomson holidays.  They are currently "investigating", so we'll see what comes of that...

The kids however loved it.  From our special elf - Stardust (Cassandra kept on calling her Sawdust) to sledging in the snow, to riding on a sleigh pulled by husky dogs to meeting Mr C himself - it was just amazing for them...  and that was the most important thing about the whole trip really...
Love this pic Lee got - reminds me of a Christmas card..
 Outside our cabin
Race you!
Taster sessions - Cassanndra's favourite - the reindeer...

 Snowmobiles I think were Alex's fav...
 And maybe Nicholas'
 Cassandra even got a ride too!

 Then for the big kids!!
 More elves!
 Husky taster ride..

 Petting the big dogs..
 or the puppies..
 Or just saying hello!

 Santa Park

Gingerbread decorating and eating!
 Even more elves!!!
How big is that snowman?!?!
 The most Northernest McDonalds - and Ronald was there!

Time for the Santa Gala dinner..
 our elf - Stardust!
 He's arrived!!!!
 Soooooooooooo excited...
 In total awe of the man..
 Big hugs!

And yes, the beard was real :)