Sunday 24 March 2019

Calvin Ball - Day 24: Time Titanic / Lasting Memories #438

This is my entry for day 24 of Calvin Ball - This design was created originally by the lovely Sheena at ScrapaGoGo many moons ago, but I never completed it and have altered it to make it mine.  I met lots of the criteria on this one, so more points in the bag!
I'm also entering it into Lasting Memories #438 Mood board Challenge.  Inspiration taken from Ireland. My family and I visited a couple of years ago and went to the Titanic quarter.
Their challenge closes 30th March 2019:


Saturday 23 March 2019

Life in general..

So life for the Butler's has been carrying on.

Nicholas had his removable brace fitted at the end of February and since then, has not only managed to break the pot he keeps it in, but he also managed to drop it for some little poo bag at school to stamp on it and break it.  Further trips to the orthodontist are now required.

My birthday was fun - we all went to lunch over on Canvey Island and then on to see Captain Marvel at the cinema and now we can't wait for Avengers End Game in May!
I've joined a walking/running group once a week in an endeavour to get a bit fitter and I was pleased with my times and distance this week.
The kids are desperate for a dog and have been for a while, but Lee is just not a dog person and we are encountering some resistance... So, I took Nicholas and Cassandra over to Acres Way the other weekend and we volunteered to walk some of their dogs up for adoption.
Cassandra has given up her loan pony Eddie and is now riding once a week over at Runningwell Equestrian Centre.  She had her first two lessons on a pony called Brian!
Alex has been out in the garden planting seeds and now potatoes in readiness for Spring..
In an endeavour to build up Cassie's stamina, she and I have been attending the Sunday morning parkrun over at Clements Hall for the last few weeks.  Our times are improving (hopefully)!
And finally, I was up at A&E this morning with Nicholas who has fractured his thumb playing football.  6 weeks out.  He's not happy!
 Bring on next week's trials and tribulations!.


Calvinball - Day 23: Today

So today's offering to Calvin Ball is a little out of my usual comfort zone, as I've left quite a bit of white space (or in this case black space) - I tend to fill it all up.
However, the paper for this one was just perfect as Alex is not often recognised for his achievements at school, so he was really proud to have been in the newsletter.


Tuesday 19 March 2019

Calvinball - day 19: Cousins

Not even going to try and catch up, but I'm still scrappin'!
Hannah and Cassandra - they were both bought the same dress from Nana & Grandad and happend to wear it on the day we were all getting together!


Friday 15 March 2019

Calvinball Day 14 - 3 Generations / Stick it Down

Well it didn't take me long to fall behind, but hey, I'm still scrappin' more than I usually do!

So I've incorporated this Calvinball Challenge with the sketch Challenge over at Stick it Down.

March Single Page Sketch

I was really pleased that I stayed true to the sketch and was very pleased with the end result!

Challenge is open until the end of the end of the month

Sunday 10 March 2019

Calvinball Day 9 - Lazy Summer Days / Sketch n Scrap 172

I've skipped Day 8 and moved on to Day 9!!

Creative criteria was:

  • to use sequins
  • a banner
  • to put a date on the layout
  • Bonus: To use a camera embellishment
  • Bonus: to use word strips
  • Bonus: to use the colours aqua/teal

I also used sketch 172 over at Sketch n Scrap..

Keep on scrappin!


CalvinBall Day 7 - Aqua kid

So today's criteria is:

  • to scrap another's layout
  • to use mist/spray
  • use hand stitching
  • use paint
  • to use a number in the page title
  • Bonus: fussy cut an embellishment
  • Bonus to use vellum

This was my offering, I used a cut file again, loving them!

Calvinball - Day 6: Wild / Sketches in Thyme #363

Well it didn't last long and I'm behind lots, but I'm working through.

So Calvinball on Day 6 was to:
  • use graph paper
  • a globe/map
  • pocketcard
  • citrus fruit
  • Bonus: Cloud paper/embellishment
  • Bonus: Title of 5 words
  • Bonus: Hedgehog

I didn't get much in from today, but the previous criteria are all still valid, so still got a few points in the bag.
I also combined this layout with a challenge over at Sketches in Thyme as I used their sketch..
Plenty of time to enter, as it doesn't close until end of the month


Wednesday 6 March 2019

Calvinball - day 5: BFF / Let's Get Sketchy March Challenge

I'm running a day behind, but I'm sure I'll catch up.  So yesterday's challenge was to be creative and:
  • use a sketch
  • use the word "happy"
  • use washi tape
  • use watercolour
  • Bonus: use the colour purple
  • Bonus: use a button
  • Bonus: use ribbon

As I like using sketches anyway, I thought I would incorporate my Calvinball with the sketch challenge at Let's Get Sketchy this month.

My photos were too big to go across the page, but I was pleased with the result.

Challenge ends at the end of March:

Monday 4 March 2019

Calvinball - day 4: Wind in the Willows

Day 4 was a tricky one as the criteria was to use:

  • memorabilia
  • a stamp
  • to put away 5 layouts
  • a black and white photo

  • Bonus: use animal print
  • Bonus: a selfie

These photos of Alex as Sgt Stoat in his Yr6 Leaver's Production of 'Wind on the Willows' were perfect.


Sunday 3 March 2019

Calvinball - Day 3: Skater

Day 3 of the Calvinball Challenge was to create a piece of work and to use:
  • a wooden embellishment
  • a stencil
  • to create your own background paper
  • your own handwriting
  • Bonus:  a butterfly
  • Bonus:  a sticker

I managed to use all of the above AND most of the other criteria bar the cut file, bling and the floral paper (may just have to go back and add in some bling)!


Calvinball - day 2: You brighten my rainy days

I'm still on track as I did actually finish this layout yesterday, but due to the light, only took a photo of it today!
Yesterday's challenge was to:

  • Use bling
  • use a cut file
  • use an old product
  • Bonus was to use an emoji

First time I've ever used a cut file and I have to say, "yay me"!


Friday 1 March 2019

Calvinball - day one: Just for Kicks

Mum and I have signed up to Calvinball - it's an American on line yearly challenge run through their page on Facebook.

The idea is that it runs EVERYDAY through the month of March and sets a daily challenge to use certain things on piece of creative work - in our case, a layout, for which you get points for.  There is actually no prize for the winner, just the kudos of being the winner!

So it started today and you had to use:
  • floral paper
  • the colour green
  • a star
  • an enamel dot
Today's offering is a football theme layout of Nicholas.
My theory is, that if I can do a layout each day (yeah right, but we'll give it a go) then I may just catch up a little bit on my "layouts to do list"!!