Monday 29 October 2012

ScrapaGoGo No.9

I was so looking forward to my weekend away just gone, a WHOLE weekend with no kids, no hubby (love them lots of course) just time to scrapbook with Mum and other like minded people :)

We arrived in plenty of time at Theobalds in Herts and was keen to get in to the crop room at 6.30pm to see what wonderful goodies we'd been given and see the challenges and get going!

I had just the right photos for my first class which involved cutting out and re-sewing together a skeleton - based around Doctor's/nurses/accidents, so Alexander's grommet's op photos were perfect.
My second class was based around that special outfit or such like and at the moment I have a bit of an obsession with the clothing line Joe Browns, so whilst this layout was totally out of my comfort zone (too much white space for me really) I didn't use a photo of anyone, but one of my JB's clothes and one of their clothing tags.
This class layout had to be one of my fav's as we had to cover the frame in denim - a real boy layout and perfect for this photo of Alex and his friends Nathan & Oliver.
 I have to admit that this was my least favourite class - whilst I was originally intrigued by the concept of a layout based on Facebook (of which I spend a good deal wasting my time) it just didn't do it for me.  However, I adapted it and I'm happy to have this layout of my 4 bestie's in my scrapbook :)
This was the only class layout I didn't actually complete due to the fact I didn't want to do the hessian flowers, so sometime this week I shall finish it off with a huge array of my own flowers.
Whilst I understood the concept of this class - using something to print with - in this case a lego brick, I hadn't taken the correct photos.  However, again, I altered it to fit what I had and I'm happy with the overall result.  Love the primary colours in this one too :) 
 This has to be my joint fav class - the red velvet that was used as a background to the photo is simple but just so elegant.  The photo I had of Vanessa and I taken at Avon's Live Your Dream event went perfectly.
There were also some challenges over the weekend - a pre-weekend one was to list 9 things about yourself that someone else could identify you by... Twilight had to get in there somewhere!
 Another challenge was "dressed to the Nine's" (as it was GoGo's 9th retreat) and this pic of me in my red dress that I bought last year for Lee and I's Christmas do went rather well...
Cassie was my inspiration for this use of a product layout - the papers being relevant in this one
And I used another photo of her for this challenge product layout too - the flowers being from the relevant range in question.
 The last challenge I took part in was to design a layout using the photo of all those in attendance over the weekend by using scraps of what was left from the class kits.  However, this was slightly changed as most people didn't have much left! 
 In between classes I managed to finish this layout of Nicholas and Max,
 Cassandra on the beach on the Isle of Wight,
and Alex by the school pond.
Most of Nicholas Go-Karting at Lakeside layout was done - just needs embellishments,
 as does Cassandra in the bath,
 And a few embelli's will finish off the double layout of the boys when they had a character dress up day at school.

I had a BRILLIANT time, and so did Mum,  I met some lovely people, made some new friends and scrapp'd my little heart out.

My thanks to Janice, Lorraine and all the GoGo girls, for another fabby fabby weekend.    Roll on GoGo no.10 in March - I will def be there!!


Tuesday 23 October 2012


After 3 sessions at the gym last week (so very proud of myself) I was back there again yesterday taking part in a boxercise class...
Knackered isn't the word and today I can just about move my arms and shoulders - but it was great and I've already booked for next week's class!


Sunday 21 October 2012

They won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm soooooooooooooo thrilled!!!

Leigh Ramblers U7 Tigers won their very first match today against Essex Royals!!!

Despite the rain, us parents were out in force to cheer on the team..
 Great goals from Ben, Freddie & Henry
 Bundle of congrat's to Ben after scoring..
Man of the Match today went to Henry!

So so proud of the team - well done Lee, all your training plans are starting to pay off!


Monday 15 October 2012

It's just got to be done...

Well, the time has come and I'm facing reality - I've joined a gym.

They have just opened up in Victoria plaza and at just £15 per month I would be silly not to take advantage. So, today there I was on the ole treadmill, bike and cross trainer... nearly killed me, but what doesn't makes you stronger so I've been told.
The size of my butt has to go, so, I'm planning (and it is only a plan) to go 3 times a week.  We are in week 1, so lets see how that planning goes!!


Saturday 13 October 2012

Tropicana Nights!

I LOVE 80's music - to me, (bar the good ole 50's & 60's tunes) it's the best era so when I found out that The Cliffs Pavilion host an 80's night once a month, I was there - with my good friend Karen Snowdon too :)

From rubix' cubes to a flashing dance floors it was just great.

 Karen and I boogied the night away until we dropped just before midnight...

It was definitely all about the music although next month we'll be going in true 80's style dress - leg warmers and all!


Monday 8 October 2012

Leigh Ramblers vs. Leighwood United

I was grateful that Mum was at Church Parade with us as she took Alexander and Cassandra home whilst I literally bombed over to Belfairs to watch Nicholas and the Leigh Ramblers U7 Tigers play Leighwood United in their 2nd match of the season..  
 I was pleased that this week Nicholas wasn't in goal and got to play out on the field and show off his skills with the ball!
 They put up a good fight, but unfortunately lost the game.
Man of the Match this week went to Ben!


Harvest Church Parade

Sunday saw us (Mum, Alexander, Cassandra and I) at St Peter's for Harvest Festival Church parade.  
 Although Alex didn't quite get the honour of walking the flag, he did get to be escort to it!

For Alex's "Faith" badge one of the things he had to do was write his own prayer and read it allowed, which whilst very nervous, he did with a clear loud voice and I was so proud of him!

Center Parcs!

Well, despite being very naughty and taking my 3 kids out of school during term time, we spent a very enjoyable week at Center Parcs, Elveden Forest last week.

The car was well and truly loaded up, the boys bikes and all...
Lee and I hired ours there and also a trailer for Cassandra - so that's all 3 kids Lee has chauffered around!
The first activity for us was Cassandra's horse ride through the woods - at 3 she was just old enough to take part and she LOVED it!  Her horse's name was Bubbles and she had a great time being led through the trees for 20 mins or so...
Having been to Center Parcs before, we kind of knew our way around and found the best outdoor play areas quite quickly..
One of the best activities was of course the "sub tropical swimming paradise" and on one of the days we spent 3½ hours in there - wrinkled prunes wasn't in it!

By the end of the week, even Cassandra was brave enough to go down the slides (although she got quite miffed when told she wasn't allowed down the rapids) and couldn't go on them enough - even on her own!

On one of the mornings all the boys went off to "Spy School" which they loved - running around the complex finding clues and being a spy!

My favourite activity had to have been taking the boys sailing!

 Although Cassie got all wet suited up, she didn't want to actually get on the boat, so she stayed on dry land with Lee whilst I took each of the boys out in turn...
Nicholas was very good at steering and really got to grips with turning the rudder one way to go the other!

Alex just loved it - even more so as it will count as his 2nd activity and can go towards his Cubs scouts Water Activities badge!
Cassandra did brilliantly at her Princesses and Pirates party and even got a goodie bag..

I'd even packed some popcorn and chocolate for a movie night one evening! 

All in all a very enjoyable week!