Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Half term...

Seems like they've only just gone back and they're off school again..

Monday saw the beasties, Mum and I all up in London at the Natural History Museum.
 Alex had the whole day planned out from which zone we would visit first, to how long we'd spend in each area!  I think his favorite was the earth and rocks!
 Cassandra loved the dino's
 And Nicholas had fun with the x-ray machine!

 And the special exhibit of whales was really interesting

A good day.



Further to last year's success, Leigh Ramblers U11 White held another quiz night.
 We had approx 10 teams come along to support us and have some fun in the process..
 Alex even had a table of buds!
I just have to say, that although it came down to the wire, Lee and I, Matt, Nicholas and my friend Debbie and her boyfriend Paul won!!!!

We raised just under £600 for the boys.

Happy days.


BFF's - birthday girl

Cassie's bestie - Millie had her birthday a few weeks ago and celebrate by having a few friends attend her birthday do at Swallows Aquatics. 

All the girls got to handle a number of animals including a rat (ugh), snake, guinea pigs, and a snake. Mille's wanted a rabbit for ages, so I think she was in love with the white bunny!
 Not sure Cassandra was too impressed with the millipede, but she loved the chameleon!
Hot food and games followed by an awesome cake made by Mum extrodianaire Martyna, ensured Millie had a great birthday!
Happy happy 9th birthday beautiful!


Monday, 5 February 2018

Proud Mum..

I remember the game well - you were the boy that had to deliver the papers on his bike..

Well, now that's Alexander as he only went and got himself a job - part of the working class now!

He started today and despite the snow, managed to get his butt out of bed and get to the newsagents on time, loaded up and did his round.  Back in time to get warm, change and go to school.

So so proud of him!


Indoor Athletics

Having taken part in Reception, Cassie was back representing Blenheim in the Indoor Athletics Interschools competition, being held at Garons last week.

I love supporting my beasties in whatever they do, but I have to admit it was just chaos. There were 21 schools taking part and each school had at least 10 kids. Two parents (minimum) per kid ensured that there wasn't even enough room to stand, let alone sit and don't get me started on those with dam buggies!!!
 Anyway, Cassie took part in a number of the activities including the relay and 'javelin'.
Blenheim did well, coming 10th out of 21 schools.
Think she just as much fun hanging with her friends Olivia and Millie as she did taking part.



It's no secret that I LOVE going to the theatre.  local or up in London.  I love a good show - musical, mystery, comedy or whatever. 

I'm also a bit of a groupie and can regularly be found lurking around the stage door os theatre's in an endeavour to obtain a star's autograph and I'm normally successful!

Both Mum and I are HUGE Strictly Come Dancing fans and Brendon Cole has been my favourite pro dancer since I started watching.  So for Mum's Christmas pressie, I bought us tickets to go and see his new show 'All Night Long' at the Cliffs Pavilion.

In true stalker fashion we got to meet the man himself and what a lovely guy he was too!

Then the other week, Mum and I went back to the Cliffs Pavillion to see Sunset Boulevard - mainly because it had Danny Mac in it (we both think that he was robbed of that Strictly win, but hey ho..) and he was Mum's absolute favourtie!

Again, patience is a virtue and we got to meet and chat to the lovely man himself.  Albeit he was a little shorter and definately a little slimmer than I thought.


Thursday, 25 January 2018

Biking in the mud!!

One of our Christmas gifts from my Mum was a quad biking session - and Lee and I did this today.
We drove down this morning to Tonbridge in Kent and had great fun biking through the mud

We were definitely glad of the boiler suits - although not sure when I'll be able to wear my boots again!
A great gift - thanks muchly Mum!!


Wednesday, 24 January 2018

One photo, 20 words

Just love that smile!