Sunday, 21 January 2018

Crack shot!

On Saturday, Cassandra represented (along with some others) her Cubs Group - 4th Rochford in the Cubs District Riffle Shooting Competition. 
The event was being run and held by Alex's Scout group, 1st Rayleigh, so we knew where we were going and Cassie had attended their target sports day a while back, so had handled the gun before...

 Not bad shooting for an 8 year old!
 Not sure where she, or the group came, but she had a good morning anyway!


One dozen...

My son is 12!!!
Nicholas turned 12 a couple of weeks ago and is growing up WAY to fast for my liking...  Just like his older brother, he got his laptop for his birthday, the aim that he can do his computer based homework on line upstairs, with no distractions... 
 Cassie was more than happy that she got a birthday hug from Nicholas..
 Nicholas had his birthday celebrations at Elite Gamerz with 20 buds.

I even managed to embarrass him by making everyone sing happy birthday and watching him blow out all 12 candles - then they got a piece of cake each!



Sunday, 31 December 2017


This year I have to admit that I wasn't really feeling the Christmas love... no idea why, but I tried hard to get in the spirit of things...
 The 3 beasties had a great few days though and loved their Santa gifts of Google Home Mini's!
 Wands and
 Plastic bottles
 and gardening gloves seemed to go down well..
 Then we had a brief visit from an over grown elf!!!
Boxing day saw us over at the in-laws for our traditional Boxing Day meal of cold turkey and chips!

Christmas also seemed to go on a bit this year, thanks to seeing friends on 27th and Lisa, Greg and the twins on 28th.  Thank you everyone for our wonderful gifts - much appreciated.

Can the decorations come down yet?  Oh, they already are!!!


My little model...

The week before Christams I took Cassandra up to London to Next Fashion for a "day in the life of a model" photo shoot.
 I'd sent both hers and Nicholas' photos off to the agency back in November and whilst both got chosen, Cassandra was the only one that wanted to take part.
So she spent the morning having her hair styled, make done and posing for various photos by a professional photographer
We had to take a number of different outfits and accessories ourselves and she really enjoyed herself.

So, after discussions, Cassandra is now registered with Front Models.  This merely gives her the opportunity for modelling/magazine/TV work.  Something or nothing may come of it, but at least she now has the chance...


Friday, 22 December 2017

In London at Christmas

Lee finished work for Christmas on Wednesday, so yesterday we took the 3 beasties up to London. 

 First stop was a small Christmas market near Tower Bridge..
Waffles, crepes and double chocolate brownies were in order..

Then came the main reason for our trip - a visit to the largest Toy shop - at Christmas - Hamleys!!! 
As you can imagine, they had almost an entire floor dedicated to everything Star Wars!
We even visited Carnaby Street on our way home, the lights everywhere in the West End were just amazing..

The best bit - my new Christams Bauble - in pride of place on our tree.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Pre-Christmas Christmas!

Every year my Mum "hosts" a Pre-Christams Christmas at her house.  The last two years though she's kindly taken us out to dinner and today we found ourselves at the Old Walnut Tree in Southend.

 Gorgeous food and attentive staff made for a very enjoyable dinner.

Back to Mum's for a goodie bag each of what Mum calls "silly gifts" but we all love what she gets us - especially the kids!  The glasses were a big hit as were the snowball fight kits!
Beasties my 3 were today with the arguing, but you gotta love 'em!

Many thanks Mum x


Wednesday, 13 December 2017

She did it!

So after months and months of practicing and practicing, Cassandra was finally rewarded yesterday, with her pen licence for school!
Way to go little lady!


Saturday, 2 December 2017