Saturday 31 July 2010

Scouts Honour...

The weekend before we went away, Blechamps Scout camp had an activity day whereby kids could go along and try activities that they maybe hadn't done before.

The boys had a FANTASTIC time!

The boys started off easy with the inflatables, each knocking the other off the pole!

Nicholas loved the fact he could have a try at archery and even got a yellow in the target.

Once Alex had scaled the rock wall and absailed down again, he had a further two go's throughout the day, each time being very proud of himself.

The assault course was a huge hit with both boys as were the go karts especially as Daddy got to pedal too :)

Even Cassandra got in on the act, by trying out her circus skills....

Little fish...

During the last week of term, Alex had his class swimming gala at school.

All the children were put into House teams and had to take part in a relay of silly water games - which of course they all enjoyed!

At the end of the team games there was a boys race and a girls straight swimming race, and I was very proud when Alex won.

Even more so when he also won the 3 top girls and 3 top boys mixed swim race.

Guess all those swimming lessons paid off!!!

Over the seas....

Just before the boys broke up, we all went to the Isle of Wight for a long weekend.

We left lunchtime on the Friday and drove down to Portsmouth to catch the ferry across and everyone enjoyed the short boat trip.

We stayed in a really nice hotel called the Sandown in a "family room" - that is an experience that we prob wont be experiencing again!

We awoke Saturday to find glorious blue sunny skies so we hit the beach and stayed there for nearly 7 hours! The kids had a fabby time and were in their element. The boys tried body boarding - Alex almost getting the hang of it, whilst Cassandra was just happy to be pulled around on it!

On the Sunday we visited both Black Gang Chine and Robin Hill parks, Lee fully getting into the "swing" of things!

We left Monday morning, just as it was beginning to rain, but we had all had a fun weekend :)

Monday 12 July 2010

A Day at the Races

Last week 19 of us Mum's all got together (courtesy of the wonderful organisational skills of Rachel Harkes) and went up to Newmarket to Ladies Day.

New outfits, hats, bags and shoes were all bought and after a few glasses of Pimms on the minibus, everyone was in good spirits...

Some of us saw more races than others, some of us drank more pink champagne than others...

I personally enjoyed my strawberries and cream!

And no day out is complete without a good ole cuppa!

Despite betting on every race, I didn't win a bean, Julie however won £205 with a £5 bet! Woo Hoo!!

Roll on next year!

Wednesday 7 July 2010


After God knows how many weeks of sitting with Alex each night, he finally got his number bonds to 15 on Monday! Best go buy him his new super soaker water gun I promised him now then...!!

Both Alexander and Nicholas got wonderful school reports this year, we are so very proud of them both :)

Monday 5 July 2010

School Sports Day

It was that time of the year again when school's have their annual "you're-not-allowed-to-win sports days".

Alex took part in all 6 races, and was part of "red team". Unfortunately his team didn't win overall, but he had good fun trying!

Nicholas also got to take part this year (albeit only in one race) and he enjoyed running with a hoop on his head!

Mum and I, together with loads of other parents and grandparents were there to cheer all the kids on and after the races, we all sat down on the field for a picnic. Yum...