Saturday 30 August 2014

It's all about the journalling....

The August challenge over at Merely Impressions was to create a layout with journalling.  I do love to journal on my layouts (although my hand writing is awful) and it's become quite a standing joke between Mum and I in that I like to write "a story" as she says.  
The story of the accident that the kids, Mum and I we were involved in at the beginning of the summer holidays (we were all okay, but my car unfortunately wasn't) was perfect to scrap.

Not long to enter as the challenge ends on 2nd September 2014.


Thursday 28 August 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

The world famous ice bucket challenge has been going on for a while now - the one that all the celeb's have been taking part in for ALS.

Well, after being nominated at least 4 times, I thought I'd better get it over and done with...
And then Nicholas did it...

And then Alexander did it...
And then Lee did it too!
I decided to donate to MacMillian Cancer on behalf of us all:


Wednesday 27 August 2014

Creatures Alive!!!

Anyone that knows me well, knows that I don't do "creatures" as such, creepy crawlies, reptiles, snakes - all are a BIG no go for me... However, I'm not one to transfer my fears on to my kids, so with my good friend Jo and her 3 kids, we ventured over to the Cherry Tree pub in Stambridge last Monday for all the kids to get up close and personal with a range of creatures that were being shown by a company called "Wilk Things".

Alexander has always been the strange kid that loves snakes... and today was no different, even enjoyed having a Burmese Python draped round his neck!!!!

I was however amazed at how calm Cassandra was, all up for holding the slithering things...

 And as for Nicholas... the kid is just fearless, snakes, millipeads, beaded dragons and God knows what else just don't phase him...
I personally think I was the bravest of everyone!  Matt, the guy in charge draped this bloomin' snake around my neck, just long enough for a pic to be taken before I squealed like a little girl and yelled at him to take it off!!!

But I did it - AND, this is the 2nd time I've touched a snake!!!! Go me!!!


Back to School scrapbook challenge

I love scrapping the kids school photos and there are quite a few "Back to School" challenges up at the mo. My 3 kids haven't gone back this year as yet (8 days and counting), so I used the photos of my middle one going into Year 3 at Blenheim Primary School last year...
His teacher was Miss Garwood, whom he really liked (as he'd had her as his maths teacher last year) - Nicholas has boundless energy and was looking forward to being in Key Stage 2 and the upper school playground, just like his brother.

I'm going to enter this layout into:

Lasting memories LM 204 "Back to School" challenge
Challenge closes end of August


Red Carpet Studio - RCS #77 - Billy Madison Challenge
Challenge closes 6th September 2014


Paper Secrets Sketch Challenge - CAMP

Am loving Paper Secrets blog and this is my entry for their sketch challenge with a twist in that you have to use something on the layout beginning with C-A-M-P.

C - Cardstock
A - Alphas
M - Metal princess crown charm
P - Patterned papers

Only a few days left to enter as the challenge runs until 31st August 2014.


Sunday 24 August 2014

Just a few friends...

We normally meet up with LOADS of people over the very LONG 6 weeks (nearly 7 weeks this year) summer hols, but this year it just hasn't happened.  Cassandra for one has really been missing her girlfriends, so I suggest she have a couple over... Logistically it was a nightmare to organise on a spur of the moment idea, but Lucia, Kaylah and Elizabeth could all make it, so one day last week, the boys thought their dream had come true when I allowed them to play on the computer for most of the day, to allow the girls time and space to play together!
 First up was quality pool time...

 And then came baking...

Licking the bowls out is always the best bit!
And you can't have friends round without dressing up as a princess or two..

The girls all had a great time!


Saturday 16 August 2014

Pinque Peacock Challenge 8 - Bling & Sparkle

BLING!!!  Everyone loves a bit of bling, me especially, so this challenge was right up my ally..
I don't often get many photos of the hubby and his parents, but I took this on his birthday last year and when I was fortunate enough to get a chance to play around with a new paper cutting toy, I chose the paper with this photo in mind.  

Still time to enter the challenge as it runs until the end of the month:


Wednesday 13 August 2014

Paper Secrets - August Sketch Challenge & Swim

I'm on a roll at the mo and have just found a new blog and wanted to enter their sketch challenge.  
Additional criteria was that I had to have something on the layout that started with each of the letter: S-W-I-M. 

So, I went for:
S - Stitching round the outside of the layout
W - Wooden N and wooden cogs
I - Inking around the papers
M - matting of the photos and also metal cogs
I was quite pleased withe the resulting layout of Nicholas.

Loads of time still to enter as the challenge doesn't finish until 31st August!


Monday 11 August 2014

Challenge YOUrself - challenge No.9

Loving this scrappin' blog as I have to include a pic of myself on my layout which is hard for me as I usually scrap the kids...
Anyway, Challenge No.9 is to scrap yourself - your age, so thought this layout of me that was inspired by a Scrap-a-Go-Go class was perfect.

After all, a girl is only 40 once!

Plenty of time still to enter, as the challenge runs until 4th September 2014.


Camping fun?!!?

I can't remember who's brilliant idea it was to go camping with the in-laws, but that's what we did last weekend..
 However, the weekend that we had all agreed on co-insided with Hurricane Bertha's arrival...
 Still, we are British and we will enjoy ourselves..

 Even if that means hiring a wind break and wrapping up on the beach!
 Not everyone was as cold as everyone else and Alexander and Nicholas spent ages in the sea!

 I think the little ones were a tad colder...
 But even they jumped the waves after a bit!

  Was a great day for kite flying though!

After being almost rained out on the Friday evening and coming back from the beach on Saturday aftrnoon to find our tent porch all blown over, the executive decision was made to pack up and come home early :(

Not before a session in the arcades, on the go-karts and trampoline!

Maybe next year we can pick a better weekend!!!