Wednesday 19 April 2017

It's the chocolate season again...

So this Easter I decided that we all needed to do something "different", so family archery over at Hadleigh it was!
However, due to my arm/elbow injury I didn't actually get to shoot, but everyone else had a great time.

 Nicholas even managed to shoot and hit the balloon - twice!
Friday afternoon saw us all over at Mum's for our customary Egg Hunt and this year, Mum had surpassed herself with cryptic clues.. at least it lasted longer than 5 minutes!
Then came the "official photo shoot" with everyone choosing a pose..

Happy chocolate!

Thursday 13 April 2017

Tulips from Amsterdam....

After many years of wanting to visit Amsterdam, I finally did it the other week.  Lee and I, together with the kids flew out from Southend and landed overseas in less than 45 minutes!

We were staying at a lovely hotel called the Apple Inn which was quite central, but just outside the main town centre, which meant we had to get a tram into each day - Alex loved them!

Despite a little ticket hiccup on my part, our first point of call was to visit Anne Frank's house.  The main reason we were in Amsterdam really.  It was so moving and actually bigger than I thought it would be...

I was a little naughty and took a photo of THAT bookcase...
I'm really pleased I finally got to go.
We spent the rest of the day wondering around the town and must of covered miles!

 One thing we were all in awe of was the sheer about of bikes..people cycle everywhere!
 We visited the flower market,
 Found a Christmas shop!

Went to the Maritime museum,
Had dinner,
 Saw tulips everywhere..

Took a coach trip...
 Visited a clog factory

 And a cheese factory
 And a Windmill village

And took a boat trip down the canal.

I even risked it and took everyone to the Red Light District!!  During the day it's not as bad as I've been told, so the kids only saw two ladies in windows.  Alex hated it, Nicholas was embarrassed about it and Cassandra asked a ton of questions...  Now that was an experience for them!

Great few days away.  Where to next?!?!


One photo, 20 words...

Brotherly love...?