Monday 1 August 2016

How long!?!?

Whenever I have a few spare mins (?) I really should just put finger to keyborad and blog, as I haven't posted for what seems like AGES...

Anyway a quick update...

At the beginning of July I was standing on our wooden bench in the garden hanging up something that Cassie had made for the birds when I went through said bench and seriously injured my foot and shin.  Consequently I then couldn't take part in our Ski seesion that I had booked the following weekend at the Snowdome up in Hemel Hempstead.  So Lee is now a level 3 skier and I'm not - hump.

The Leigh Ram's Football presentation and get together on 3rd July over at Sarah's was a big success, apart from my camera went wrong and I lost all my photos - double hump..

Nicholas really enjoyed looking around Eastwood Academy Open evening on 4th July - it's where he will probably end up going to Secondary school next year.  It was great to see Alexander all in uniform in the IT dept, showing various other kids how to programe a microbit amongst other things He'd been asked to come back for Open Evening to help out.  Both he and I were made up over this invitation.

On the same day both Cassandra and Nicholas received their school reports.  Cassandra ACED her Yr2 Sats and both of their end of year reports were amazing (albeit they could both try a little harder in English)!

On that Wednesday they both got to meet their new Teachers, Nicholas being over the moon to get what he considers the best Yr6 teacher - his only frustration was staying with all the "challenging children" already in his class. The same went for Cassie, as her year all went up as the same classes too.  She wasn't quite so thrilled with her new teacher, but she doesn't really know her, so I'm hoping she'll get on fine and work hard.  I have two concerns however, the first being that her teacheer will only be their teacher until Christmas as she's leaving to then go on maternity leave and secondly I'm not sure she's strong enough to handle all the "little poo bags" in that class... still we shall wait and see...

Cassandra had her Yr2 school swim gala on the Thursday, coming in a very admirable 4th in the girls final.  Her bestie Millie taking the title this year.


Alexander got his first ever Secondary school report on that Friday and it was great.  All "Good" or "Outstanding" effort grades and a Level 7 in maths (they should only be a 6)!!  AND he was awarded a BRONZE certificate in the UK Junior Mathamatical Challenge!!!!!

That evening saw Cassandra and I at the Cliffs Pavilion to see Horrible Histories - Incredible Invaders which covered the Romans, Saxons and Vikings.  Cassandra has always loved the series and when the opportunity arose to take her to see them live, I couldn't resist..

Doug's 90th Birthday tea at John and Barbara's was on that Saturday

And this  was followed by great fun on the Sunday as Lee and I took part in "Room Escape".  We were locked in a room with a chained zombie and had to solve the clues to get the code to get out. With only 7 minutes left to go - we were free! Was such good fun, we've bought one of their Horror Cards to do it all again when they change the room setting in a couple of months!

The last week of term (well, for Nicholas and Cassie anyway as I pulled them out early for holiday) saw Nicholas again, for the 4th year running, win not only Yr5 Boys swim, but was also crowned Champ of Champs.  Is there no stopping this boy?  Obviously not!

That Thursday saw Alex and I at the opticians.  In an attempt to alleviate one thing the other kids can pick on him for, Alex was successful in passing his assessment for contact lenses.  So that afternoon saw him getting to grips with his free trial.

Bringing me up to Friday, 15th July was Alexander's official last day of Yr7 at Eastwood Academy and I'm so pleased that he made it through.  Many bumps and issues along the way, but he now has 7 weeks to chill out before it all starts over again..  As a treat I met him from school at lunch time and took him to Thursday American Diner for milkshakes and pancakes!

So, that brings me up to our HOLIDAY - new post for that one...


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