Monday 8 August 2016

Summer School Hols - Week 2

So the beasties are STILL alive and kicking and it's actually all been okay this week.

On the Monday, Alex and Nicholas along with Alex's friend Hayden all went to spend the day at the old Southend Marine Activity Centre along the seafront.  They had such a great time Sailing, Windsurfing, Paddleboarding and Canoeing.

Tuesday saw Nicholas at the 1GK goalie day at, Cassandra spent the morning with her friend Kaylah giving Alexander and I some nice 1:1 time together.  That evening saw Lee and I along with Alex watching the new StarTrek movie, Alex going for a sleepover at Mum's and me going to try out for Galaxy Emeralds Netball team. Not sure how that went, but I haven't been told I can't go back!
On Wednesday Cassandra and Millie had their first horse riding session at Belfairs Woods and Nicholas had his football team bud Samuel over for a sleepover.

Thursday was a 'free day' for everyone (we're actually NOT going out Mummy)?, and I actually managed to get some study in!
Friday Alexander got his contact lenses all sorted out.  Glasses will be taking a back seat from next week when they come through.

Saturday saw us at my half brother's wedding where my darling girl was a bridesmaid!

After a nice lie in on Sunday morning after getting back late the evening before, we headed over to Go Outdoors to pick up a few bits for our Lake District trip next week. A quite stop off to see the in-laws who had only got back from Florida the day before, then Nicholas and Cassandra were at Jemma's pool party and I was a guest at Louise's baby shower.

A full on week, but hey, it's now week 3!!


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