Monday 1 August 2016

Time for sea, sand and a holiday!

On Saturday 16th July we all flew out from Southend Airport to Majorca for a week.  I'd pulled Nicholas and Cassandra out of school for the last 4 days and managed to save £1,800 on a holiday for the 5 of us...

We stayed at the CasaBlanca Hotel - although for the first time ever, we were lucky enough to get upgraded to the entire top villa over the road!

The entire week was spend literally just chillin' out.  We all played in the pool, read and slept.
 Mum had bought Cassandra a mermaid outfit complete with bikini and tail... she loved it!

 LOVE this pic of us all..

  Cassie even had her hair braided

 And Lee drank beer...

 You can imagine Alex's delight at the chocolate fountain for dessert one evening..
 Cassie loved her new dress I bought her..

We all had a lovely relaxing time and all came home with white bits!


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