Saturday 6 June 2015

Wild Woods

I honestly can't remember the last time I had such an enjoyable day with the kids.. (although saying that I did only have two of them and when you take any one of them out of the equation, the other two are normally okay).  

Lee was very happy to secure two tickets to the FA cup final, so off he and Nicholas went to Wembley last Saturday and Mum, Alexander, Cassandra and I all went off to Hockley wood for "Wild Woods Day"!
 I was blown away by all the different activities the kids to try - they both made necklaces

 Alexander fell in love with the owl called "Cassie"
 As did Cassie with her little feathered friend.
 After a bit of paintball,
 fire stoking and cooking
 It was time for some axe throwing?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 To say I was almost hyperventilating is an understatement!
 Then it was on to fire lighting,
 and climbing
And all this was FREE!!!!!

Definately a date in my diary for next year!

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