Thursday 25 June 2015

That time of the academic calendar again

The school summer term always seems to be a bit of a coasting one to me, there's swim galas, borough sports, cricket festivals, etc etc and of course sports day.

As I still have children in both upper and lower school, it ends up being a whole day's event for me... Still there I was cheering on KS1 in the morning - and Cassie did brilliantly in her team, put in loads of effort and had fun at the same time.

 She was rewarded when Red House - her house won overall at the end of the morning!

After a picnic lunch on the field, Nicholas was his usual sporting tenacious self, doing well in all of his events and one of the other Mum's even commented that she was suprised at just how fast he can run in the 50m relay sprint!

Alexander hates sports day, mainly as he dislikes any kind of physical sporting event, but also as he tends to be put in a team with children that are not very good at any of the activities - which is kind of frustrating for him...  Anyway, he ended up a bit happier as his House - blue won overall at the end of the afternoon.

Thanks to Mum for coming along and supporting the kids too, especially as I felt as though it was my sports day due to having to run from one side of the field to the other to ensure that I could watch and support both boys!

Swim galas next week!!!!!!

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