Monday 19 May 2014

Scouting Essex Weekend

Being a fairly new leader, I thought it would be fun to spend the weekend with some other leaders at Skreens Activity park in Chelmsford as part of "Family camp"...

It was indeed fun and we all got to do loads!!!

 Alex helped me cook..

 Alex went Kyaking

 As did Nicholas

 Cassandra and I went sailing


 We all attempted the climbing wall - but on Lee and Nicholas made it to the top!

 Nicholas and I had fun in the body zorbs!
 Alex loved archery
 Even Cassandra got to shoot!

I did the best though!

 I have 3 budding pyromaniacs who just wanted to light fires!
 And toast marshmallows!

 Amazed all THREE of the kids absailed down the tower!
 Cassandra loved the giant bubbles
 Nicholas had fun with the cork guns
 I wasn't too good at the ole circus skills balancing

 Camp fire fun and songs
 Mini X-bows
 Edible rafts!

Bouncy castle chill out

Despite some inconsiderate leaders and their families from South Ockendon group who decided to party and drink until 2.30am, we all had a great time in the glorious sunshine.  Lee also as he got to watch Arsenal win the FA cup final in a beer tent with a load of other fans!

Roll on next year!


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