Sunday 4 May 2014

Cassandra's birthday party

Cassandra has been to quite a few parties this year already and whilst they are good fun, hiring a hall with a bouncy castle and letting 30 odd kids run riot is just not my thing.  So, a party with a little structure is what our darling girl had.

Encouraged by "Mister Maker" invitations were sent out for a "Make it and take it" party - full of craft and making stuff!  I'd hired St Peter's Church hall - the one the boys meet in for Cubs and had everything well prepared.  Each "base" had a craft activity on -
glitter/glue bookmarks - Sarah
painting plaster of paris animals - Lindsey
glitter confetti treasure boxes - Jo got the glitter base!!!
colouring placemats with their names on to be laminiated - Mum
sticker paper bags and masks - Lisa
All the kids were divided up into smaller groups and just worked their way round the hall.  Some of their
artwork was just amazing and all had great fun and got to go home with lots of stuff!
 An Easter egg hunt followed

 Then food and cake..
Cassandra is a HUGE fan of the Disney film Frozen - and was adamant that she wanted to wear Elsa's dress!  So she got changed after all the sticking, gluing and painting!
We then played a few traditional back to basics games including musical chairs!

I think everyone had a great time and Cassandra received some wonderful & lovely gifts which she is most grateful for.

Many many thanks to my awesome Mum and to my friends (and sister-in-law) who stayed and helped out all the kids on the various bases.  And to Greg, for some amazing photos!


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