Sunday 4 May 2014

Double figures

This time 10 years ago, I was laying in hospital just staring at this little bundle wrapped in a blanket in his fish bowl wondering what the hell I do now.... I can't believe that that little baby is now into double figures....

And now...

Alexander decided that he wanted to spend the day with a couple of buds at Adventure island, so that's exactly what we did.  Ashley and Matthew were formally invited and we spent a good few fun hours on all of the rides!

 Alexander got to meet Rocky the Rhino who wished him a happy birthday!

 Even Cassandra got to go on her favourite flying pink elephants with Daddy!

 No day out is complete without pure sugar!!

 And this great pic of the 4 boys just sums up the day :)
Home for home made pizza, time on the XBoxOne and nerf gun wars... Alexander wanted to save his chocolate cake for his actual birthday, so 10 mini muffins had to do and were quickly demolished by the boys!

So, today was the official day Alex turned 10 and this morning we were all up early to give the birthday boy his gifts...

(Nannie had already given him his gift from her as she's currently in Florida, however she left him a gift of some baking goodies)!
He was very very excited and appreciative of his new Nexus Tablet...

We love you to the moon and back Alexander, we are so proud of you.


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