Thursday 8 May 2014

Grufferlo? What's a Grufferlo?

Having 3 kids that are going though the school means that I know most of the teachers and give much of my time to various activities they do there.  So I was quite chuffed (?!) to be asked to come along and help Cassandra's Reception class on their first school trip this year... they were all going to Thorndon Country park to hunt for the Grufferlo!!
 Despite the constant rain, we found the squirrel

And the fox
And the owl

And the snake
   And along the way we found various wood "things" to put on our keep-strings...
And then we found him, orange eyes and the wart on the end of his nose and all!

I've been fortunate enough (?!) to go a couple of the kids' school trips and I always have a good time and I hope that the kids in my group do too.


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