Saturday 13 July 2013

Y4 Swim gala

Very proud of Alexander who took part in his school swim gala yesterday too. (next year I'll have 3 to watch)!!

Most of my friends know that Alexander (and Nicholas) have a competitive nature (wont say who they get that from) and my eldest really doesn't like swim gala as unfortunately as he can swim quite well - many years of swim school lessons, he gets frustrated when he is put into a team of 4, the other 3 children not being able to swim as well as he can, so the team doesn't do very well.

 However, after a little encouragement, he got in and gave it his all...
Whilst Alex did brilliantly and got through to the boys final, another child swam into him during the race and they both stopped and Alex came 4th in the end :(  He was most upset, but after a cuddle with me, in a good sportsmanlike way he went and congratulated his good friend Calum who won (Calum swims like a fish and has won every year for the last 3 years)!!!

Alexander and Nicholas are now both members of RADS (Rayleigh District Swimming Society) and their swimming skills and stamina will improve 10 fold over the next year so who knows what will happen at the next gala?!!!


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