Thursday 4 July 2013

60th Celebrations

Blenheim Primary School has been around for some 60 odd years this year, and despite a postponement from a couple of weeks ago when Ofsted arrived, the celebrations went on yesterday with the weather holding for everyone!  A picnic on the field was scheduled first and then the "official celebrations began, Nannie of course was there too to cheer on her grandsons..
Each year group had picked a theme from the 1950's - Nicholas' Y2 classes focusing on James Bond and they were all spies... 

Alex in Y4 had chosen a Disney theme, his Kangaroo's class picking Mary Poppins, the girls being Mary Poppins herself and the boys being chimney sweeps.
Alex looked AWESOME in his outfit (def. the best dressed)!
Nicholas therefore did a dance the actual James Bond 007 theme and Alex did Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Where we were sitting was actually right in front of Alex's class, so I got a couple of excellent pics of him and his little sister 
and one of him and a couple of his class mates - Jasmine, Toby and Ollie
 The best pic of the day had to be this snap of Alex and his lovely "girlfriend" Rebecca George :)

An excellent day was had by all :)


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