Monday 8 July 2013

A Beaver Scouts play

'cos I have sooooo much time on my hands (not), I recently became a Beaver Scouts Assistant Leader for 3rd Prittlewell Colony.

To achieve one of their badges - Imagination (and go towards creative badge) the kids came up with a list of "characters" they thought should be in a story and Gail, one of our other leaders, wrote a play around them!

We had a Goblin, a princess (always a princess in the story), a crocodile, a pig (don't ask) and numerous other animals and after just two weeks of rehearsing for not even an hour each time, the Beavers all put the play on tonight for their parents and friends.  Even the Cubs came in to watch and everyone enjoyed their efforts, including their rendition of "Gangham Style"!!!!

Nicholas took the part of the owl and his bud Sam the part of the Kestral.

It was a hard work directing them all, but I'm so proud of the group!


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