Friday 16 November 2012

The wait was finally over...

After a year of waiting to see how Bella Swan coped with being a vampire, the time arrived yesterday.

My good friends Michelle, her best friend Heidi and my other friend Karen all got together and spent over 12 hours at the Empire cinema yesterday watching all 5 films back to back.

I had such a numb bum afterwards and my knee was hurting, but boy was it worth it!!!!!  Each film got you more in the the mood and when the countdown to BD2 started the auditorium were almost in a freenzy!

That was up until the projector stopped working and they nearly had a riot on their hands... 20 minutes late the film finally started and boy was it worth the long, long anticipated wait.

No spoilers from me, but suffice to say it was AWESOME and the ending to the franchise that has become a worldwide phenomenon was just and fitting.

To those that haven't seen it yet - you'll LOVE IT!!!


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