Wednesday 14 November 2012

Fun in a barn!

Yesterday I was supposed to be going over to Farmer Fred's Play Barn with my good friend Lisa.  However at 7.30am she text me to say that her new cooker (she's just moved) was arriving between 11am and 3pm -a week early!  So, being the fabby friend that I am (and also not to let Cassandra down) I offered to still take them both straight from school pick up...
 Eljay was more than happy to go with us and the pair of them had a great time running around and playing.
Their favourite time had to be in the Coupe car and Cassie, being the fearless individual that she is, decided that they could both play with the car at the same time, as she'd go on top!

And of course, they had to swap places...
I therefore, managed to sit in relative peace and read a whole chapter of my OU book on Biological psychology... I think I would rather have been playing with the car too!!!


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