Tuesday 6 November 2012

All Hallow's Eve

I just LOVE Halloween, bar Christmas it's the best time for me and I love getting all dressed up and taking the kids Trick or Treating!

Lee spent a good few hours with Nicholas and Casandra this year (Alex was at a sleep over at Mum's) carving their pumpkins and they each loved their Thomas the Tank Engine (Cass), Spiderman spider (Nicholas) and an Angry bird (Alex).
I had decorated the house and the outside this year in readiness for the ghoulishness to take place..
As I go out with the boys (Cassandra stayed at home this year to open the door to all her trick or treat customers) I have to get dressed up too!
We had a good photo shoot session before the off..

Alex hurt his foot a road or two in, so we dropped him home and Nicholas and I carried on with some great friends - Karen, Michael, Ash & Sam.

Nicholas was so good when we got home though as he tipped his goodie bag on the table and shared out the loot!


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